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 Sept 23rd.

Yet again, sorry for the belated update.

Finally after 7 years of trying I managed to achieve a personal milestone and an ambition.

I finally grew a 10 pound onion ! but only just, it weighed in at 10 lb 1.5 oz but that'll do for me.

Athough a great personal achievement it wasn't much at Harrogate where I entered a single heavy onion which came in 11th place, the heaviest being 15lbs, and I also entered a set of 3 heavy onions which weighed just short of 27 pounds, these came 7th with the heaviest being 42 lbs.

I've done a couple of shows in the last 3 weeks and entered a few bits and pieces including some of the show carrots and potatoes.

I didn't really grow much exhibition veg this year apart from the carrots and a few bags of potatoes but managed to get about 20 first places at the 2 shows with bits and pieces and managed towin the premier tray with a decent set of stuff in the pic above.

I was concentrating on growing a bit of the daft giant veg this year as it's less stressful and it's just the weight or length that counts.

I grew my biggest tomato ever this year which weighed in at just short of 4 lbs and amazingly was the 3rd biggest at Harrogate which was very pleasing.

But yet again I've failed to get to 100 pounds with a marrow, this years was 83 lb so I really need to improve the soil in the marrow bed and add plenty of manure and compost to get to this size I think.

Over on the normal veg growing side of things I'm now starting to clear most of the beds as most things have finished cropping now.

I still have plenty of cabbages, Kale, Leeks and Turnips growing but most other things are about finished now.

I'm going to continue with my version of the no dig method again as this years crops have been as good as ever and I didn't dig the soil over last Winter.

I've made sure not to walk on the soil all year and I'm simply going to add about a couple of inches of potato compost, garden compost and leafmould to the surface and leave it be.

The worms came up and dragged it into the soil last time and the drainage was excellent over the wet winter opposed to the marrow bed that I did dig over that ended up turning to mud as I ruined the natural drainage made by the worms.

It's a damn site easier too as the thought of Winter digging used to fill me with a lot of fear.

I've done a few videos over the last few weeks so click below to play, thanks.

giant onion
show veg
giant tomato
giant marrow

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