May 2008



   May 2nd     Decided to plant my climbing French beans in the polytunnel this evening.I only grow 5 plants but the variety Cobra are really heavy croppers and I can get almost 4lbs from each plant .Also my lettuce have just germinated outside.


 May 6th   Planted my Courgettes and cucumbers in the polytunnel this evening.


 The strawbs are really flowering now and I've even got some strawberrys on !


 Outside, and the anti-mouse mesh seems to have done the trick and they're all sprouting well.The carrots are now all starting to germinate too.


 The sprouting broccoli is still producing well and the spuds are growing well.


 The climbing beans I planted a couple of days ago are already starting to climb the canes and the giant onions are coming along nicely.


 May 18th.      Well a quick update.The lettuce are growing well since germinating and the mouse proof peas are all growing through the mesh.


 Tte spuds outside have finally started to show through and I'll start to earth them up a bit,and the onions,shallots and garlic are growing.....slowly !


 Into the Polytunnel and things are moving on quickly,the Giant onions are growing well.


 As for the potatoes,wow they are about 3ft high and just starting to flower,so there should be some spuds ready very soon.


 The leeks are coming along well and the courgettes are growing nicely.



 The climbing beans are climbing quickly and I've got my first Strawberry !!!


 May 29th

  Been away for a week so I'm amazed that things are finally starting to move outside.

  The lettuces are growing well and will need to be thinned to about 9-12" apart shortly.


 The peas are doing well as are the carrots.


  But the onions and garlic are still quite a bit behind due to the lack of rain as are the spuds.


 The stuff in the polytunnel is coming along really well.Loads of strawberries and the courgette plants are flying.


 The indoor spuds are almost 4 feet tall and flowering so there should be a few ready and the climbing beans are now almost at the top of the canes.


 I'll finish off this month with an overall picture of the polytunnel and a couple of nice foxgloves which have self seeded next to my water but.

P.S the giant onions are doing really well,see the separate section for an update.




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