March 2008.

March 1st

Now that my potatoes have been chitted I've decided to plant some in the Polytunnel,too early for outside yet though.
I did this last year just for a laugh and got about 7lbs from each seed potato,amazing!!



  March 3rd  The Padrone Peppers I sowed 7 days ago have just germinated.


  March 23rd   Well, nothing happening at all.I was going to plant all my Shallots,Garlic and Onion sets today but this was the sight that greeted me.



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As you can see they now have some nice big shoots which should help them start growing quicker.It took 85 days from planting to digging spuds last year so should be ready end of May.

Planted them about 6 inches deep and a foot apart so shouldn't need to do much earthing up later

I'll grow a bit of corriander near the edge before the spuds get going.

It still amazes me that such a small thing like this sprouted seed will be producing peppers in a matter of months.

And In Yorkshire of all places.



All I can say is ,roll on April.

I'm going to write this month off as a bad job.

Nothing but rain,wind and Snow.