Feb 2008 


 Feb 2nd - Just been to check if my polytunnel was still standing after the 70 mph Gales and 4 in of snow last night !! 

  Feb 8th - Decided to rotavate my veg plots today and try to mix the 2  tonnes of grit into the soil that I spread on at the end of last year.


                                         Then the polytunnel beds


                   The first purple sprouting Broccoli and my first Daff.


    Then I pulled a hamstring putting the damn rotavator back in my car !!!

  Feb 10th.   Decided to try to stop next doors Horse eating all my bushes !

   Feb 16th

Decided to completely change all the soil in my neglected Greenhouse Beds and replace it with some good soil I have from my unused cold frame.

As you can see the soil does look a bit poor but the stuff on the right is good stuff.

The finished job - should be a lot better.Im going to try a few of my Giant onions in here.

Well thats about it for this week.Ice on my water butt about an inch thick but my early purple broccolli is now ready.

   Feb 26th

   Well decided to have a go at growing some Padrone Peppers this Year.
   Don't know how sucessful they'll be but giving It a go anyway.
   Hope my heated propagator still works.


Thats about that for this month.Please keep checking back as things will really start happening later next month.



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 Luckily is was!!!

Feb 1st - Nothing exciting,bought seed potatoes "Nicola" and started to "chit" them.

                                  Half an hour and one bad back later.

 So all in all a good job done!








Put my seed potatoes
in an old egg box on a cold bright window sill.

Variety Nicola great early new potato,very waxy.








Polytunnels seem to stand up to any weather.















Rotavated about 2 tonnes of limestone grit into the soil to improve the drainage and to act as a slow release ph raiser to act as a buffer against the acid causing effects of intensive growing on a small plot.

I'll still do the occasional ph test to see where i am .








Well ,about half an hour later and it was all nicely tilled with all that grit mixed in well to the top 8 inches of soil.

Took another half an hour to do the other small plot too.

I'll now leave it for a month or so to re-settle.








This was much easier as the soil beds in the polytunnel are nearly the same consistency as John Innes compost after years of adding compost and old grow bags.


















A nice surprise to see the first daff in a sheltered spot and the start of my early sprouting broccoli.










Managed to cut myself to ribbons putting a bit of barbed wire up today but it will hopefully stop Mr Ed from eating all my bushes.
















This weekend I decided to replace all the old soil from my greenhouse and replace it with some really good stuff I have in my now unused cold frame.























It was only 1'c at 12 o'clock today and there was an inch of ice on my water butt.

The Sprouting Broccolli is now ready though.









Ok,I know it makes it look a bit like Stalag 17 but it's done the trick.