September 2008



Sept 7th 

Well another month and still it won't stop raining !!

Pulled the last lot of carrots as they've been standing in sodden ground for the last month and this hasn't done them much good,and I dug all my onions up and put them in the polytunnel to hopefully dry out.


So apart from my leeks and a few spring onions,peas and cabbages there's not a lot growing outside now.Still gote some cucumbers and squashes and peppers hanging on in inside the polytunnel.


Show success !!!!!

It's been our local Horticultural show today so I put as much stuff in as I could.

I couldn't believe it,I won a few classes and even got a cup.



Right,that's enough of the overall pics now here's my winning entries.


Got 1st and 2nd with my big dressed onions which have been disappointing this year,but so it seems have most peoples.


Managed 3rd with the Onions "as grown"


Really chuffed with 1st for my 3 tomatoes as there were quite a few entries in this class.


And another 1st for the "3 different veg" class.


3rd for my bunch of Garlic.


And 1st for my big onion.

OK I know this is a bit of an ego trip for me so heres some more.....

Wahey !! I won a Cup !!!

Most overall points in the onion classes.

So all in all a pretty good result !!

Sept 14th

Well back down to earth now.

Managed to get my hands on a load of cracking well rotted horse muck this week.

About a tonne in all.


Now it's just a matter of barrowing it all over to my garden in the distance.

And you thought I had it easy !!!


As you can see it's good stuff and absolutely full of worms so this should do the soil a world of good.


Still managing to get a bit of fresh stuff from the garden.


The Padrone peppers have been amazingly productive,shame I'm not really a big fan.


My second peas are absolutely covered in mildew,but amazingly despite this the peas in the pods are perfectly fine.


The previously catterpillar ravaged cabbages seem to have recovered and some are even starting to heart up a bit,my cracking crop of garlic has dried out enough to be trimmed up and should store well into the Spring.


Found this amazing stuff this week which is a stick-on guttering for polytunnels.


It collects all the water that falls off the sides and you can direct it into your butt.

Just 2 - 10 foot strips of this on each side of my polytunnel will divert an amazing 125 litres of water into my water butts for every 1cm of rain.

So just an inch of rain will fill two 150 litre butts.....amazing !!


On a more depressing note,I've started digging over parts of the plot which have now finished producing.

Mind you It's better to do it when you can,bit by bit and get some muck on top to give the worms some time to do their work.

 Sept 23rd

Well I can't believe it,Summer's finally arrived !!!!

Best week of the year and I've not got much growing to take advantage of it.


My squash plant that had recovered from the thrip invasion has finally succumbed to some kind of virus as you can see by the mottled leaves,possibly a mosaic virus ore something similar,It's a shame as I did have quite a few fruit on it.


So in the polytunnel all I have now is my onions drying out,a couple of pepper plants and the courgette plants which are still going well.


I was tempted to completely sterilize and fumigate the polytunnel later but this would have killed all my self seeded ferns that are growing around the edges and the thousands of beneficial spiders,so I'll just give it a really good clean instead.


Since the weather's warmed up and the ground's dried a bit I've managed to barrow some of the muck over and started to lay it on top of the bits I've dug over.

The leeks (Musselburgh) are growing pretty well and there should be some smaller ones ready in a couple of weeks.


 Well I've had the best crop of tomatoes ever this year,even with the sunless weather.

These were Shirley and do tollerate a bit of cold more than most.

I am however putting the success down to a new technique I've used this year after seeing someone else do it.

What I did was to remove every leaf up to the second truss of toms once I had some decent fruit on there,It looked really drastic but it seemed to work.

Then once I had fruit set on all my 5 trusses (I know only 5) I removed about a quarter of the other leaves.

Then I actually had a bout of Whitefly so decided to remove all the leaves above the top truss as this is where they were all living.

It's not for the feint hearted as the plants looked really bare as you can see,but it worked for me !!



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