June 2008



 June 3rd   Well ,It's now time to replant the leek plants outside as they are about a foot tall and pencil thick.


 The next thing to do is separate the plants and then you can trim the roots and tops by about a third,this encourages a new stronger set of roots to devellop,or you can just use them as they are,I'm doing it both ways this year.


 Then make holes about an inch and a half wide and 6-8 inches deep and a foot apart with a dibber or the end of an old spade handle and drop a plant in each hole.


 Then carefully fill each hole to the top with water which will wash just enough soil off to cover the roots,don't fill the hole with soil though,this will happen naturally during the year.


 Jobe done !!


 Elsewhere in the garden the good soaking of rain has really helped and brought things along and my climbing french beans are now having to be trained along strings up to the top of the polytunnel as they have reached the top of the canes.


 June 7th

 Just a quick update of the peppers and tomatoes.The padrone peppers which took so long to grow are finally doing well and are about a foot tall and the tomatoes have just formed some flowers.


 I grow my tomatoes and peppers at home in a poorly lit lean-to with just a skylight hence the reflective material to try to maximise the sunlight.I don't grow them in the polytunnel as I keep the doors open at night and it can get a bit chilly for them.They do get a bit leggy but still produce a good crop.


 I seem to have a good crop of cherries growing this year but the birds always get them as soon as they ripen.The blackcurrants are doing well in the fruit cage.


 My gooseberries on the other hand seem to have a poor crop and have dropped a lot of fruit presumably due to the long dry spell and to make matters worse I've just found a load of sawfly catterpillars on it,so I'll be giving them a good dose of Derris tonight.


 Back to the polytunnel and my butternut squash plants are starting to trail away and I've got my first courgette on the plant.


 The Corriander I sowed is really growing well and the Giant onions are still doing very well so far.


 June 9th

 Success !! dug my 1st spuds up today from the polytunnel,had a scrat about in the row without pulling a plant up and found enough for my tea !

So from planting to harvesting that's just been 90 days.


 June 11th

 Having a glut of Strawberries at the moment,but they will be finished in a couple of weeks in the tunnel.


 The peas are starting to grow pretty well and the lettuces are doing well.


 Picked a couple of the loose leaved varieties and the Little Gem will need thinning to half,but I'll eat them too.


 The climbing French beans seem unstoppable and are now flowering and the onions are starting to do ok.


 Well outside my polytunnel the idiot proof - leave 'em and see what comes up attitude flower garden is starting to come to life.


 June 16th

Well,picked the first couple of courgettes today,I'll be sick of eating them by August though.


 Picked some small Little Gem lettuce just to space the rest out to a proper distance and the spuds outside are doing well next to the transplanted leeks.


 So generally everything is doing well and the stuff in the polytunnel is going mad as usual.


 June 24th

 Harvested my 1st French Beans (Cobra) today so that's only 70 days from sowing to picking,and they'll be productive for at least 6 weeks too.


 After the 60 mph Gales we had over the weekend I was expecting to see utter carnage of my plot but couldn't believe that nothing had been damaged.

The carrots are now starting to grow and the lettuce are really doing well.


 My peas (Hurst Greenshaft) are really thriving and have just started flowering so I should be picking some shortly,I've just sown another row of the same for another crop later on.


 The Corriander is growing like a weed and I've been eating this for a week now and the butternut squash plants are starting to take off.


 June 29th

 Decided to plant out my Autumn and Winter cabbage out today,the Winter variety (Tundra) is exceptionally hardy apparently and will withstand anything Winter can throw at it.

 I always make sure the soil is very compact by walking on it before planting then plant right up to the level of the bottom two leaves.


The leeks which were transplanted about 3 weeks ago have taken well and there are loads of flowers on the peas


 The garlic which I only planted in April is doing really well and the Spring onions are eventually growing.


 My cucumber plant is starting to do well and I now have a baby cucumber set on the plant.


 The Padrone peppers are just starting to form peppers and my Tomatoes are now forming some fruit.


 So overall things are doing OK but the wet cold weather is a bit depressing.I'll finish off June with a couple of overall photos.



 That's about it for June,let's hope that July is a bit sunnier.



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