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 October 5th.

Due to problems updating my blog I'm about 2 weeks behind now.

Anyway I think it's sorted out now but we'll see.



The ony stuff growing outside now is the Winter hardy veg like the Kale, Turnips and a few Leeks.

The Kale is growing really well and will stand all weathers as it's as tough as old boots, likewise the turnips which shouldn't grow much bigger once the weather cools down a bit.

The Leeks have been a bit disappointing this year but I think it's because I planted them right next to the Savoy Cabbages which were enormous and they must have taken all the nutrients from the soil.

Speaking of Cabbages the Winter Savoys are growing well now and are just ready to start harvesting, the Red ones are a little smaller but should be OK in a while, the last few lettuce are ready outside now too.

In the Polytunnel the Shallots & Garlic are still drying out nicely.

I sowed some more climbing French beans a while ago and maybe if the frosts hold off I can harvest the odd bean into late October but I'm not too hopeful.

I've planted a few spring cabbage in the beds too and hopefully should get a few small cabbages in Winter.

The Sarpo Mira potatoes are still growing outside even this late on.

Anyway due to not not having been able to update for a fortnight I have a few videos stacked up.

Click below to play.

October 10th.

Not much going on this week.

Still picking a few bits and pieces like the Kale, Spring Onions, an odd final Lettuce and Carrots.

In the Greenhouse the last of the peppers are being taken now, on new variety which has been amazing this year is the one called "Oxhorn", they ripen to yellow and are amazingly sweet and vigorous with a good 20+ fruit this size off a single plant in just an 8" pot.

The last of the big beefsteak tomatoes are ripening off the plants now and the chillies are are fully ripened and being eaten.

Anyway, I decided to cut the Giant Marrow and weight it.

Did a video below, click to play.

October 17th.

Well, the Indian Summer has certainly come to an abrupt end now.

We had the first frost the other night and it's been really cold during the daytime too.

Anyway not a lot happening veg wise now.

Started to slowly dig over some parts of the plot, it's not rained here for weeks so it's much easier to do it than when it gets wet and waterlogged later in the year.

For some reason a load of Nasturtiums has only just decided to start to flower ??

My solitary Birch tree is dropping it's leaves now which reminds me, I must collect a load of leaves for some leaf mulch this year.

In the polytunnel the Spring Cabbages are growing very slowly as are the spring onions and the French Beans are still alive but it'll be a miracle if I get to take a crop off these I think.

I've been harvesting more of the maincrop Sarpo Varieties of Potatoes and did a comparison yield test video at the end to see which varieties produced most.

I have now found a Blight Resistant Sarpo variety called Una which you can make mashed potato out of unlike Sarpo Mira which makes great chips and roasts but tends to fall apart when boiled due to it's high dry matter content.

So I'll be growing that variety next year.

This was the view of the trees around where I live this evening as the sun came out of the clouds just as it was setting, lovely Autumn colours. Click image for full size.

Anyway, here's the potato harvest video below, click to play.

October 24th.

Still managing to harvest a few bits and pieces from the plot.

The Turnips are getting a bit big now but are still tender and not woody at all.

Harvested the first Winter Savoy, these are much nicer and a darker green than the earlier Savoy varieties I grew this year so I think I'll just grow these next year.

Eating the remaining Show Carrots which I never pulled for any shows, Sweet Candle variety, still the sweetest carrot out there.

Now all the leaves are falling I'm determined to collect as many as I can this year to turn into leaf mould.

It's one thing I've never really done before and I don't know why as they're all free and will help the soil no end.

Anyway not much going on, I decided to save some of my own tomato seeds this year and also some from the giant one I grew.

Did a video of the fermentation procedure which makes cleaning the seed of all the jelly which surrounds them much easier.

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Spring Onions
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