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 October 1st.

A new month and some fantastic sunny weather forecast.

Typical, most of my stuff has been harvested and we get an Indian Summer.

We did have a slight frost last night though, so it's getting a bit nippy in the evenings.

I've almost finished cropping in the greenhouse now and have been taking the last remaining tomatoes and peppers and only have a few chillies and a few more peppers left growing in there.

It's always a depressing moment when you know it's going to be another 6 months before anything is grown in there again.

This years heat treated onion sets from Marshalls were really good, matured quickly and I managed to get them up early so they're really ripe now and should store well.

A decent size too and not a single one went to seed, so I'll definitely be growing the heat treated onion sets again next year.

Another thing I've been really impressed with again this year are the Ox Horn Peppers.

They are so easy to grow and produce a good 15-20 peppers per plant.

Fantastic stuffed with cherry tomatoes and a bit of Feta cheese, I'll be growing loads again next year.

You can get them from Marshalls via Amazon by clicking the image to the right, they are ridiculously cheap for what you get, a must try.

So really at the moment I only have the Savoy Cabbage, Leeks, Turnips, Kale, Red Cabbage and the Carrots still growing outside.

Decided to get a bit of a head start and hoe all the weeds down and tidy up the bare soil in preparation for adding the compost, leaf mould and hopefully some horse manure later in the Autumn.

I hope we get a decent cold Winter for a change as I have a serious outbreak of Whitefly on my brassicas outside that I've never had before and these could do with being frozen to death instead of surviving over the Winter.

Anyway I did a plot roundup video a week or so ago, click below to play, Cheers.

October 22nd.

Starting to harvest the last of the Summer veg now, still got a few lettuce and the odd courgette still ready but the frosts forecast for the next few days should see the end of those.

The Winter veg is now ready and I'm starting to pull a few Leeks and the Turnips I only sowed in August are now ready and should stand well over Winter.

I've started to do my version of the "No Dig" method on my main bed after being skeptical of this method I decided to try it myself last Winter.

I just added about 2 inches of spent potato compost and some garden compost over the surface and just left it.

The worms seemed to take all this material into the soil and come Spring the soil was well drained and still loose, where as another bed I dug over was solid and ruined with all the heavy rain we had over Winter, so the no dig way seems to preserve the worms natural drainage .

So I'm sold on the idea now, It takes all the hard work of digging out of the equation and this years crops were as good as ever.

One note is that I never ever walk on any of my soil so It is never compacted so this might help a lot too.

This year I've added all the onion compost from the giant onion pots along with a good dose of leafmould and a bit of my own compost, so hopefully it'll have the same effect as last time.

I'll give a dusting of lime over the top a bit later on too, just to sweeten it up a bit.

I decided to try to get some seed from the 10 pound onion later on in Winter, did a video explaining what I'll do below.

And a quick plot tour video the other day.

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