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  November 7th.

The weather has really taken a turn for the worse and has just poured down solidly for the last week.

Still very mild weather and no sign of any frosts yet.


I'm still harvesting the late veg like carrots, turnips and the first of the leeks but otherwise not much going on.

I brought all the Garlic & Banana Shallots back from the polytunnel as they've all dried really well, just needed a bit of a top and tail and they should be good to store now well into Spring.

Anyway I did a final plot tour video last week as everything is coming to an end.



Nov 14th.

As I write this drivel it's rained all day and is set to continue all day tomorrow.

I've not been up to the plot apart from to check for flooding and so far so good.


The river behind my house was as high as I've seen it and wouldn't like to have fallen in.

I harvested loads of the Joes Long chillies and decided to dry them to make chilli flakes as a means of storing them.

I brought the remaining Zebrunne Banana Shallots home and as you can see some were enormous.

I'd urge anyone to try these shallots, grown from seed variety is "Zebrunne" or "Banana" they're fantastic.

Emptied out the final pot of potatoes, this one was a 50 litre one with 4 seed potatoes and did a video below.

The harvest was quite impressive as you'll see.

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