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 Nov 1st.

Well another age since I've added anything to the blog due to being too busy at work and being too lazy to do it.

Anyway, to be honest it's been quite a decent growing season considering how crap the Summer was yet again and didn't really have any disasters or major pests to speak of.

The spud crops were good out of the pots despite me neglecting them badly and never watering them.

And everything elde has been as good as normal apart from 2 crops.

This year the Hurst Greenshaft peas were quite disappointing and they were small in comparison to what they usually are like.

No idea why but I have heard a few folk have had the same problem this year with the same variety, so maybe it was a seed issue, who knows.

Another crop that started brilliantly then almost half of them went to seed were the Leeks.

I did sow these a lot earlier than normal so maybe they got a bit too cold early on.

But everything else has been ok and I'm still cropping a few french beans out of the tunnel even this late on which is amazing as they started cropping in late June.

Over on the show veg front this year I only entered one show, Harrogate, and didn't enter much.

Managed to get a first with a few salad potatoes of all things but didn't even take my marrow this year as it was only 50 lbs or so.

Almost got a place in the giant potato class with one weighing over 3lbs which for a first go was quite a size.

So that's about it at the moment, Ive continued the no dig method this year and just covered the bed in a layer of compost for the Winter and let the worms do all the work for me.

I tried it as a technique a couple of years ago not expecting much but for my soil it has really worked and it's in good heart now without doing any digging.

The only tool I use regularly now is one of these oscillating hoes.

I saw one being used and was amazed so bought one myself and they are an absolutely amazing piece of kit being so sharp you can hoe a huge bed in literally seconds.

Anyway here's where I got mine from and a video I did a few months ago showing it in use.