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Sept 9th.

Well, after almost 4 years since I last posted on here I thought I'd better see if I could start again.

It's so much easier to do Youtube videos than to sit here and type stuff and add photos, but I must admit it is quite a handy reference tool to me if nothing else as to when I did things throughout the year.

Anyway here goes.

Don't expect anything earth shattering.

Also as I and probably most other people now use a phone as a camera, and mine for some reason doesn't want to speak to my computer I will have to bluetooth them across which takes an age.

As you can see I have had a go at growing some of the Titan variety Sunflowers this year.

I'm over the moon with how they've got on as the big headed one has an enormous head and the other two which have only just started to form a head are both over 12 feet tall.

Not a bad accomplishment for such an exposed windy site.

All the onions, garlic and shallots are now drying nicely at home and should be ready to store in a month or so.

Anyway I think that'll do for my first post in 4 years.

I'll put the latest Youtube video below If I can remember how to do it.