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 May 7th.

Finally Spring has arrived, the weather's warmed up and the sun has come out.... about time too.

Planted out the Cabbages, Kale & Lettuce outside now as it's warm enough and the frost threat seems to have gone for now and I planted the Climbing French Beans in the polytunnel along with a few more lettuce for an earlier crop.

After 3 attempts at getting some peas germinated this year I finally realised that the seed was duff so had to buy some more and got some going in tiny modules which are now all planted out now too.

I can't believe it was snowing last weekend and this weekend its into the 20s, daft weather.

As the weather's warming up the slugs are appearing too and by all accounts it'll be the worst year on record for them since the Winter was so mild, they just continued to live and breed, we'll see.

Some of the beneficial creepy crawlies are about now too like this big spider which is right across one of my water butts.

Another pest this year is a load of pheasants that decide to make their little hollows where they sit right in amongst all my onions and make a right mess in the process.

May have to take some drastic action with them if they persist but at least it'll be roast pheasant for dinner.

Finally the first potato shoots are poking through the soil in the pots with perfect timing really as the frosts have only gone a few days ago.

Over on the Giant Onion front they are ticking over nicely, but it remains to be seen if all the cold weather they had in the previous month will have any adverse effects on them later by making them go to seed.

The show carrots are all germinated but over the last few nights something has been cutting one off at the base of the soil and I just don't know what.

Thinking it was slugs or snails I put a few pellets down but no change, so I'm thinking it may be millipedes or woodlice.

So I've now put a border of Diatomaceous Earth around the edge so that anything walking through it will be cut to shreds and perish .

If you've not heard about this stuff it has a multitude of uses, is harmless to us and gets rid of loads of pests.

You can get it here :

Anyway I did a couple of time lapse videos of stuff germinating as nothing much was happening, they're quite interesting..honest.

Click below to watch.

And finally I did a bit of a round up video with a bit of planting.

May 21st.

Sorry for the limited updates etc but I've not had a day off work in over 2 weeks now and just haven't had the time to take any pics etc.

I did a quick update video last week which is the best I could do with the limited time I seem to have at the moment.

And I just harvested the first potatoes of the year tonight too.

I'll try to take some pics for next month as things seem to be finally progressing, but so far this is all I'm afraid.

Giant onion

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