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 March 10th.

It's been a long time since I last updated this website so here goes.

So what's been going on ? not much really it seems to have rained all Winter and I'm only really starting to get going again.

I've sowed my Banana shallots and they're all stacked up in propagators in my kitchen waiting to germinate.

These had quite poor germination last year as I put them in the greenhouse too early and it must have been a bit too cold, so this year they're all going to be sprouted indoors before they go in there.

The potatoes are all chitting away but won't be planted out for at least another month as it's just too cold up here until around mid April at the earliest.

The leeks were sowed a few weeks ago in a big polystyrene container and have had good germination and are now in the greenhouse growing away slowly.

Last year's Kale that was attacked by Whitefly making it inedible has started to send out new leaves so I've been picking these which are pest free.

It will go to seed shortly but at least there's a few pickings to be had at the moment which is a bonus.

I planted some really early new potatoes in smaller pots and let them sprout in the warmth indoors, they're now growing and are in the greenhouse and will be protected from frost by any means if any is forecast.

Hoping for the first crop at the end of May around 100 days after planting.

Just finished eating the last of last years Giant Onions which goes to show how well they store.

I also put a couple of the biggest down for seed and as you can see they've sent out loads of leaves, shortly a few seed stems should start to appear and one the bees pollinate the flowers I should have a load of my own 10lb onion seed.

Anyway that's about it for the first time in about 6 months, nothing exciting I know.

I did a video of what's going on below so please click below so watch.

I've also started an Instagram thingy here  :  Allotment-Diary Instagram

March 17th.

Not a lot going on, the weather has turned very wet and windy again though.

Managed to prepare the soil where the onions will be planted out once the setts arrive, this is where the turnips were growing last year.

Still got a few Kale plants growing from last year in the same bed too, this is where the Leeks will go later on.

The Rhubarb is only just starting to grow despite the mild weather so I should be taking a few stalks soon.

Managed to dig over all the raised beds in the polytunnel where some of the giant veg will be growing this year and I've decided to grow a giant marrow in the main central bed where the onions used to grow and see how it gets on in some heat for a change.

In the Greenhouse the banana shallots are now germinated and growing away slowly.

Not had the best germination but I've sowed 120 modules and will be looking to plant about 80 out in May so should have enough.

The potatoes are starting to make a bit of leaf now but I'll have to keep an eye out for frosts and cover if needs be if any is forecast.

The leeks are also growing away slowly in the deep polsytyrene box and have been thinned out to about an inch each way.

These will be planted once they're about 8" tall and a bit thicker.

Did a video explaining my favourite varieties of veg to grow, click below to watch, Cheers.

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