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 December 10th.

Well, sorry for the long delay.

I'm having to use a new web builder which doesn't seem to work properly so this will be a bit of a test as I'm trying to get to grips with it.

I tried to change all the 200 older pages into a new format but they just looked all over the place so I'm starting afresh with pages from this month and hopefully they will look.

Not sorted out a comment box yet as it keeps going wrong too.

So please be patient with me, as it's driving me mad and I hope to get the hang of it soon.


Been trying to take a few nature photos recently at Leighton Moss

Starlings have just started to arrive but not in any great numbers yet.



Had a few nice sunsets recently too.

And finally, trying to see how to get a video on here.

Tested my camera out on the Moon to see how well it would zoom.

Video below....hopefully.


 December 12th.

 Well, finally been up to the plot after a bit of a Snow flurry last night.



Not much to speak of but hopefully it'll kill off a few remaining pests like aphids and a few slugs.



  The purple sprouting Brocolli is sprouting already so thye mild weather hasn't held it back.

  The kale is still producing and the cold weather will hopefully kill the aphids that have been attacking it lately.



   Over in the polytunnel my Spring Cabbages are hearting up nicely and nearly ready, again due to the mild Autumn weather we've had.

  Here's a quick video tour I did a week ago before the cold weather came.





starling murmuration
Sunset Winter
polytunnel snow
allotment snow
purple sprouting brocolli
spring cabbage

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