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 August 5th.

We had the mother of all cloudbursts the other day, so yet again no time to take many photos as I was on flood alert.

I've never seen rain like it, it put down over 5 inches of rain in just over an hour.

Where I live was flooded and as you can see from the radar photo at the time it was actually white colour for rainfall which was off the chart.

The main road to my plot was under plenty water and the back road back from it was impassable.

Anyway things certainly got a good watering, and a good old mud splattering.

I did a video of the plot a bit later and things didn't seem too bad.

Click to play.

August 14th.

I'm starting to think that Summer is over before we even had one this year.

Never known it so cold and miserable.

Having said that the veg has been growing away happily, it's just not been too enjoyable being up at the plot.

Still been harvesting plenty on a daily basis, the french beans have started to slow down a bit now after a good 6 week cropping period but the courgettes are still firing on all cylinders as are the 3rd batch of lettuce.

After the initial problems with the onions going to seed, the ones that didn't are a decent size and have been harvested and are drying out now.

Luckily this year so far not a single sign of blight on any of the potatoes, and they're still growing away well so I should get a good sized crop of King Edwards for the first time in a few years.

The late sowed Turnips are growing quickly in the cool wet weather and I'm now onto the second and final crop of peas this year.

Over on the Giant Veg front the Tomato is huge and still growing.

The big onion gave up the ghost due to soil pests and was weighed in, did a video below.

The giant marrows are growing slowly but the plants are well behind last year due to the cold weather but we'll see how big they get in another month or so.

Had a bit of a wander around my local area last weekend on a rare sunny day looking at the amazing Limestone Pavements, click video to play.

August 21st.

I'm now convinced that this "Summer" is now over, it's chucked it down all week and looks like continuing for the next week too.

Still been harvesting plenty of bits and pieces though as stuff is still growing well.


The French beans are just about coming to an end in the polytunnel after a good 6 week heavy cropping periad but I have some later plants growing now.

The Giant Marrow is ticking along well in the cooler weather.

I cut the Giant Tomato off and weighed it, and I was amazed at the weight , did a video below.

Anyway I did a roundup video last Saturday covering most things, click below to watch.


And the weighing of the Giant Tomato.

Just nipped upto the plot tonight and done a quick potato reveal of the first Kestrel Potatoes.

Very happy with the yield, click to watch.

vegetable harvest
Giant Onion
Giant Tomato
giant marrow
Giant tomato

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