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 April 8th.

Things starting to tick over a bit now with the weather warming up a bit.


I sowed some peas in lengths of Guttering as usual in the polytunnel to give them a head start in the warmth, once they're up I can simply slide the plants out into the soil and they grow away readily.

I sowed all the brassicas earlier, Savoy & Red Cabbages and the Kale "Reflex" as usual.

And finally the Rhubarb is sprouting outside so the soil temperature mus be finally on the rise.

The giant Onions were planted out into their pots and the polytunnel bed a fortnight ago and seem to have settled in ok.

There were a couple of cold nights but it shouldn't do them any harm.

I used lots of the new beneficial beetle poo product called Ecothrive Charge this year so hopefully it will help them to grow big and help to ward off diseases as it states. Product available here from Amazon :

I'm mainly using 50 litre pots and a couple of these new fabric root pruning pots called "Rhizopots" this time around.

Video below of the planting process.

The Garlic I planted outside at the beginning of March is growing very slowly but once it warms up it should take off a bit.

In the Greenhouse the potatoes I planted really early this year are flying along and hopefully I might even get a small crop as early as May this year.

I planted out all the maincrop potatoes into large 60 litre pots today, Sarpo Mira the variety as usual because they are almost completely blight resistant and never seem to fail.

I planted out a few more first early spuds in smaller pots too "Charlotte" & "Nicola" plus a few Jerusalem Artichokes which is a first for me.

Did a video of the planting below.

And finally I managed to get all the sand barrels and boxes cored out and filled with compost for this years show carrots.

Quite a time consuming and tedious job but once it's done that's about the hardest part of the whole growing process.

I'm not growing any outside this year as I never seem to get any decent results compared with growing in the tunnel so I'm just concentrating on Harrogate with the few I'm growing this year.

Did a video of the process below.

April 17th.

Not had much time to take any photos this week as I've been too busy at work, not much going on anyway.

We had a really hard frost last night and it even got down to -2C inside the polytunnel which isn't good news for the stuff in there.

Anyway I did a quick update video today showing what's going on at the moment.

Click below to play, Cheers.

I also did a couple of other videos planting out the Giant Carrots and planting this years potatoes out into the containers.

April 23rd.

Really starting to get fed up with the cold weather now, OK it's been sunny for a few days but we've had about 6 frosts in the last 10 days and more to come next week.

Nothing is growing !

The lettuce seedlings in the greenhouse are just ticking over but not growing on too quickly as are the spring onions and cabbage and kale.

So it'll be at least mid May before any of these are planted outside but at least they'll not need hardening off.

Having to fleece up on frosty nights just as a precaution.

In the polytunnel the temperature has been down to -2.2C during the last week as it's at about 500ft it's much cooler up there.

The peas I sowed in the gurrers earlier are struggling and only a handful out of the 100+ I sowed are up and growing, usually they fly up and grow quickly but again due to the cold they've just gone to sleep.

The rhubarb outside is growing a bit and I might be able to pull a few stalks soon.'ve got hold of some seed from one that was over 2 feet long, so I've started to dig a big pit to grow them in in a bit of the neglected area of the plot.

Over on the Giant onion front they are growing very slowly, as you can see by some yellowing on the leaves they have suffered from the sub zero temperatures in the polytunnel, I'm just hoping that this doesn't force them to go to seed prematurely which they can if given a shock like this.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Likewise the giant carrots don't appreciate the cold either and can suffer the same fate later in the season just as all seems to be growing well.

Again we''ll see.

Anyway that's enough moaning about the weather, I did a bit of Time Lapse filming on my little Brinno Camera of some beans germinating over a 16 day period, video below, Click to play.

Giant onions
Giant onion
Giant onion
giant onion
giant carrots

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