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 April 1st.

The weather has warmed up a bit and things are starting to grow a bit.

Up at the plot nothing much happening yet but the Rhubarb is growing a bit faster now since I chucked a load pod hen manure fertilizer all round it.

My Forsythia bush is quite colourful now that all the flowers are out.

The garlic I planted at the end of February is all up now and a 100% sprouting rate which is satisfying.

I planted all the onion sets out last night, 3 different varieties in all, one early one, a normal one and a red variety.

These were the heat treated ones again which never go to seed so you always seem to have a good crop inspite of any dodgy weather conditions.

In the Greenhouse the early potatoes in pots are flying along now and hopefully I might get a first small crop in May.

Just started to sow the lettuce, cabbage and Kale in modules.

The same sort as usual Little Gem Lettuce and Multigreen 3 crispy ones.

Some Savoys and Red cabbage and the same Kale as normal called Reflex.

So things are just about starting now .

I sowed my peas in guttering earlier, this way I can germinate them indoors and slide the plants out into the beds when they're big enough, this stops the mice from eating them as seed and them rotting off in the cold wet soil.

Did a video below, and also another showing how I prepare my sand boxes ready for growing the exhibition carrots in.

April 11th.

We have had some nice warm sunny weather over the last week or so but the occasional slight frost at night.

But no harm done as nothing tender is growing outside yet.

Managed to plant the onion sets out last week, I'm using the heat treated ones again this year as they don't go to seed like the regular ones can if we get a cold snap early on or a hot dry spell later, it just takes all the risk of having the crop ruined by the onion sending out a flower head.

Harvested the first Rhubarb of the year and it was amazingly sweet for a change.

The peas in the gutters are growing well now and are almost ready to slide out and transplant into the soil outside to grow on.

I planted all the potatoes yesterday in the pots outside too.

Did a video of the process below and what fertilizer I'm using this year.

I also had a look round the whole plot showing what, if anything was going on.

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