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 September 1st.

Autumn is here.

It seems to have been here all Summer for me.

I know I moan a lot but it's been bloody awful this year.

I harvested all the Garlic and Banana Shallots from the main bed and was really pleased with the size of both after such a slow start.

The Kale is enormous now and should stand well into Winter and be picked regularly no matter how cold the weather gets.

I sowed a few Turnips quite recently and they've flown along and similarly they should keep into Winter and be picked as needed.

I've sowed another batch and these will probably only make very small ones but it's better than nothing at this time of year.

Did a video of the Garlic & Shallot Harvest below.


This year for some reason the Cabbages have been enormous, no idea why, maybe the cool weather and all the horse muck I dug in earlier.

These were supposed to be "Mini Savoys" var. Casserta so if you want an early huge cabbage try these.

Courgettes still producing fruit in the polytunnel.

Not much growing in the tunnel apart from some of the show veg and the odd cucumber plant.

Just sowed a few more French Beans but I don't think they'll do much this late on, but we'll see.

If you remember the giant carrots that I was growing that had split, this was the size of them, an amazing 8.5 pounds for the biggest.

I still have 2 more sound ones growing so who knows how big they'll be, it's just a laugh growing the daft stuff.

Likewise the Giant Tomato plants are producing lots of lovely tomatoes over the pound mark which are delicious to eat.

The Garlic and Shallots are drying slowly in the polytunnel but we could do with a bit of warmth to speed things up.

I harvested the 3 pots of King Edward Potatoes the other day as they had just started to get blight, I was really happy with the yield from just 3 smallish pots, did a video of the crop below.

Sept 7th.

Things are slowing down on the plot now and the weather has suddeny turned red hot again, typical.

Anyway, It's the start of the veg showing season for me now with the first one being last Sunday (Yesterday) so not had much time to take many photos.

Did a plot tour video a few days ago below which will give you an idea of how things are doing..

Then I did my local Horticultural Show.


I did well considering I only entered 10 classes, I got 9 First prizes so not too bad.

In about 10 days it''s Harrogate Show, a totally different ball game up there.

Anyway I did another video of the harvesting of the show carrots and parsnips too, click below to see.

Sept 22nd.

The last Show and the big one..... Harrogate.

Not really taken show growing too seriously this year but I did keep my 2 barrels of carrots in the polytunnel just for this one, the National Carrot Champs.

Having said that, I only had 10 Long carrots to choose 3 and 16 for the stumps when the folks I would be up against grow probably 60 +.

But....blow me I managed to get 3rd place.

Really happy with that one.

Just wish my stumps were a bit better but hey ho !

I ventured into the world of Giant Veg this year just for a laugh.

I somehow managed to get 3rd with a 6lb carrot and 6th with a 3lb 4oz tomato.

Ugly as hell but a real laugh to try.

I would like to thank all the people who came up to me at Harrogate to introduce themselves after having seen me either on my blog or on YouTube.

It's surreal to be recognised for just growing a bit of veg.

Anyway I did a video of the show below.

Click to play, Cheers, Dan.

giant cabbage
Giant Carrot
giant tomato
Exhibition Carrots

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