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 May 1st.

Still not warming up too much and still getting some nightime frosts.

So, so far this year I'm a good 2 weeks behind last year.

But finally I've managed to plant all the Brassicas outside.

These are the Mini Savoy Cabbage, the normal sized Savoys, Kale and a few Red Cabbage.

I cover mine with the home made netted cloches to keep the birds and butterflies out and it also gives a little wind protection early on.

The lettuce in the polytunnel is still a bit small to gou out yet as are the shallot seedlings.

Maybe another week or so and it'll be time to plant out.

I've sowed a few more lettuce for the next crop to follow these on.

In the Polytunnel the early potatoes are growing well now, I've had to cover with fleece the last week due to temperatures down to -4 and the polytunnel won't protect from the frost damaging the leaves.

Outside the potatoes STILL haven't emerged, mainly due to it having been so cold.

The best Giant onion is growing away pretty well and the leaves are getting fatter which is a good sign.

Sowed my courgettes this week and the French beans which have already germinated.

Tomatoes will be planted in the Greenhouse this weekend as the nightime temperatures are set to warm up a little in a day or so.

Did a video of how the Chillies,peppers & tomatoes are doing, click below to play, Cheers.

May 10th.

Finally, a bit of outside planting going on.

Planted out 2 rows of the Zebrunne Banana Shallots, more will go out later once the seedlings are a bit bigger.

Planted out all the Lettuce, Webbs Wonderfull, Little Gem & Multigreen and the remaining Cabbages including a few Red ones.

The Hurst Greenshaft peas are growing away happily outside and just starting to grab hold of the netting and climb a bit.

At last !!!! we have some life appearing with the outdoor potatoes in pots a month after planting them the first few leaves are breaking the surface.

In the polytunnel the Climbing French Beans "Cobra" have been planted out below their canes and should rocket along once the weather warms up.

The polytunnel is almost fully planted out now, just a few tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes to go in a bit later.

The exhibition onions have been planted and are growing a bit bigger now they're in some decent soil.

The early spuds in pots are flying along and I'll try a test harvest at the end of the month to see If we have any new potatoes.

Did a bit of a tour vid earlier, click below to play.

May 16th.

I think we may have had the last frosts hopefully, had a couple of sub zero nights last week but the long range forecast looks a bit more promising.

I actually spotted a few flower buds on the very early potatoes growing in the pots in the polytunnel.

This is usually a sign that there are some potatoes below, I'll leave them another week or so and empty the pot to see If we have a crop or not.

Planted out some of the giant tomatoes, these are from tomatoes that were grown to the crazy weight of 5.5 pounds, so it should be interesting to see what happens later on in the year.

The polytunnel is now fully planted out with the cucumbers and courgettes being the last things to have been planted out.

Over in the greenhouse I've planted everything out now, all the tomatoes in 25 litre pots and all the chilli plants in different sized ones.

I've planted a couple of cucumbers into biggish pots, I'm the worst cucumber grower for some reason, I just don't seem to get great results, don't know why.

And finally the Giant Marrow seeds have germinated, these are from some whoppers, all over 100 pounds and even a 125 pound giant yellow variety.

These will be planted outside in early June and maybe a 100 pounder will be possible.

They're just such fun to grow and the marrow only takes 5 weeks to go from nothing to well over 50 pounds.

Did a roundup video earlier in the week, click to play.Cheers.

May 22nd.

I'll start off with a quick update on the Exhibition and Giant Veg Growing front.

The Sweet Candle Stump carrots are growing away nicely in the polytunnel as are the Giant ones.

The Giant tomato plants from 5lb tomatoes are putting some growth on now since being planted out.

The Giant Onion growing in a pot is still growing well, once we reach the longest day June 21st it will really start to bulb up and hopefully be a really big one, I want to finally get to the 10 pound mark.

The Marrow plants are still under lights and will be planted out in June hoping to beat last years 85 pounds and reach the magical 100 pound barrier.

And the Giant Red Onions are putting on a few leaves, If I make 5 pounds with these I'll be happy.

I have been overwhelmed by slugs outside recently and even pellets aren't working.

In desperation I made a few beer traps and within minutes the little sods were committing suicide in a drunken frenzy, I was amazed to see how effective these simple traps are.

Some of the lettuce I planted in the polytunnel are nearly ready, the potatoes outside are finally moving, and the French Beans are just starting to grow the climbing stems.

These have shown some amazing growth in the last few days since I doused everything with some new Compost Tea.

I decided to dive it a go to renew the beneficial soil bacteria in the polytunnel as it depletes over Winter as the soil dries out.

It's a new product to me and the initial results seem to be quite dramatic.

Did a video of the brewing process and application below.

Giant Onion
Sweet Candle Carrots
Giant Onion
Giant Red Onion
Giant Marrow
Slug beer trap

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