May 2009




May 2nd

Well,now that May's here,things should finally start to move along.

One thing that's started is the Chick Weed !! it's just sprung up from nowhere.


But with a bit of effort,if you get rid early before it seeds you can get the better of it,I always hand weed and don't hoe as this just seems to bring even more weed seeds up ready for germinating.


The Shallots are going really well and the Carrots are about due for thinning out.


My Turnips are due for thinning to about 4-5 inches.The peas however have had really patchy germination with some gaps in the row so I've poked a few mote peas in the gaps and just hope they'll come up.


I've thinned my leeks out to about an inch apart and these should be ready to go out in about a months time.My Cabbage plants are just starting to grow their 1st true leaves.


The few potatoes that I put in a tiny bed in the tunnel are really motoring along.I decided to sow a few Red Cabbage this year too.


The Gardeners Delight Toms don't seem to have been bothered by the chilly nights recently.

They are now starting to produce side shoots which need to be "pinched out" i.e just snapped off so that you don't end up with a big bush.


The Climbing French Beans,Peppers,Chillies,Cucumbers and Squash are all growing on well and will be planted out in the Polytunnel within the next week or so.


Over on the Giant Onion front,as you can see they are a ridiculous size.

3 feet tall with 12 leaves on......something's got to go wrong,I just know it.


I decided to erect a contraption for my beans to climb up.

Once they get to the top of the canes they can then be trained along another 6 feet above your head which extends the harvest time and stops that awful mess of overgrown foliage you get at the top once you nip out the growing tip.

And as the beans hang down through the leaves it makes them dead easy to pick.

May 9th.

Decided to plant out the Climbing French Beans (Cobra) and Courgettes (Defender) today in the polytunnel.


Earthed up the spuds as well, and the peas are starting to grow through the anti-mouse mesh.


My neglected greenhouse and excuse for an Orchard could really do with a good old tidy up.

I planted the Squashes in the greenhouse borders.


Decided to thin out the carrots today,the larger Autumn King to about 2 inches and the smaller Early Nantes to about an inch.


The most important thing is to remove all the thinnings and not to leave them lying around otherwise this can really attract the dreaded Carrot Fly.

May 16th

At last,my 1st crop of the year.


OK so it's only a Radish but you've got to start somewhere.Cabbage are ready to be planted outside when It stops raining.


Over in the tunnel the Leek plants are growing well and the spuds should be ready in a couple of weeks at this rate.


The patchy pea germination seems to have rectified itself and the row is now filling up,planted a couple of the cucumbers in the polytunnel.

Over on the Giant Onion attempt,as you can see,they're doing extremely well.

Click the link below to see the full report.

Bye for now.

May 23rd

Now that the wind has finally eased up after about 2 solid weeks of being about 20-30 mph I decided to plant out my Cabbages.


I always plant up to the level of the 1st true leaves and plant VERY firmly.

This year I should be able to keep the Butterflies off using my home made mesh cloche thingys.


Sowed the second batch of Little Gem,Iceberg and Lollo Bionda Lettuce today as the 1st lot are starting to grow well.

A second lot of Peas went in today too,I hope they fare better than the 1st lot I sowed.


Thinned out the Beetroot to their final spacings of about 4-5" and earthed up the Spuds for the final time so they are now in a ridge about a foot high.


In the Polytunnel the Climbing French Beans are starting to twine round the canes,OK then,why do they always go in an anti-clockwise direction ???  'cos I don't know.

The Courgettes are doing well after transplanting.


Starting to get a few flowers on the Tomatoes and despite the Strawberry plants being 4 years old and well past their best they keep amazing me and are now producing loads of green strawbs.

They seem to get smaller every year,but that's to be expected as they are really on their last legs.

Well,just seen the weather forecast and there's a threat of a frost tonight.

Global Warming !!!  :  Yeah Right !!!



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