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  March 12th.

Still not much really happening yet but a few things are on the go.

I planted out my Garlic on the last day of Feb to give it enough time to get a few weeks of cold weather into the cloves so that they grow properly this year.

I've also sowed the Banana Shallots and Leeks at the start of March.

Mainly I've just been finishing off the beds outside and breaking them down to a nice tilth ready to sow and plant some stuff into in April time.

The polytunnel is about ready now too, just the remaining show carrot boxes to sort out.

The Banana shallots are germinating well now so I should have anout 120 plants on the go in the little modules to plant out inMay time.

The early potatoes are also through and are under fleece to stop any nightime frosts getting to them.

And as you can see the Giant Onions are absolutely flying along and are ready to plant out now, but it's still too early and cold so I'll have to put it off for a couple of weeks at least, even then it'll still be a bit cold in the polytunnel but I have no choice as they've just grown so quickly this year.

Anyway I did a few videos over the last few weeks as it's much easier to do them than to upload this blog with photos as it takes ages to do since they updated their web builder.

Honestly it's taken me over half an hour just to upload these few photos it's that slow.

So click the videos to play, Cheers.


March 20th.

The first day of Spring and the weather has picked up a bit over the last week with some lovely sunny days.

The early container grown potatoes in the greenhouse have flown along over the last week and are putting plenty of leaf growth now in the warm weather.

The leek seedlings are starting to grow on too.

I decided to get a couple of gooseberry bushes as my ones at the plot are in overgrown areas now and I need some fresh stock.

To my horror though these were sold as potted plants but were in fact just bare root plants stuffed into some compost in a pot, bloody con artists ! , mind you at £2.99 a piece I can't complain unless they die, then I will.

I managed to get my compost mixed for this years giant onions as they're going to be planted out next weekend probably, it's a tedious task but the video below shows what I'm using this year.

Up at the plot I've been tidying the polytunnel up and getting It sorted out this weekend and have got all the onion pots up there now and dug all the carrot growing containers out and refilled with sand.

The first of the Garlic I planted out at the start of the month is just poking through now which is a good sign, this is my own strain of the Solent Wight variety that I've just kept the best bulbs for planting every year now for about the last 10 years and it still seems to do well.

I planted out the Onion sets this weekend too.

This year I'm trying the Heat Treated Onion Set Collection from Marshalls Seeds.

I used to grow heat treated sets in the past and hardly ever had any go to seed which is the main purpose of them being heat treated, to prevent this, so after a few years of pretty rubbish results from normal onion sets I'm going back to using the heat treated ones.

Anyway I did a video trying to explain a bit about them and how I planted them after, click to play, Cheers.

container grown potatoes

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