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 June 5th.

Sorry for the late update, but I've been a bit busy of late.

The weather in my part of the world has been unbelievable the last month, red hot sunshine, not a drop of rain...crazy stuff, seems that for once the North West has had the best weather for a change.

Things are starting to grow really well outside in the sunshine and with the soil being so dry, not a slug in sight either.

The lettuce have flown on as have the cabbages since planting out and the garlic s looking decent too.

The potatoes in the pots are growing well now after a slow start but did get slightly nipped by frost about 3 weeks ago.

In the polytunnel the french beans are climbing up the canes now and I've been harvesting lettuce for over a week from inside.

The show carrots have perked up a bit after a mystery beasty decided to eat one seedling a night for a week, I still didn't find out what was doing it though.

Having some mixed results with the Giant Onions, this is just 7 days growth on one, but now with the extreme heat over the last few days it's decided to split 2 skins due to a growth spurt, also I've just found that some of the others have an infestation of thrips which is a bad situation.

Anyway time will tell, and we'll see how they get on.

Managed to finally plant my leeks out the other day, did a video of the procedure below.

I also nipped round with my new camera phone and did a roundup video of the plot just to see if the video quality was any good or not.

June 11th.

The first bit of rain in over a month and things have flown on in the space of a week.

The lettuce outside are growing ridiculously and I've just harvest one, as you can see they're a decent size but strangely the Little Gems are a bit slower this year.

The peas are finally starting to grow a bit after all the problems I had getting them to grow earlier.

The lettuce is called "Multigreen" and I'd recommend it to anyone, it's so reliable and a really crunchy variety too.

The potatoes in pots outdoors are all fully topped up with compost neow and growing well, just a matter of keeping them well watered now in hot spells and hoping that we don't get any early blight this year.

The giant carrots are putting lots of leaves on now so maybe there will be a giant carrot lurking underneath come September.

The Giant Marrows are doing better than ever this year after risking an earlier sowing so maybe the plant will get bigger than last year and I can finally grow a 100 pounder.

I managed 85lb last year on a pitifully small pant so we'll see.

Anyway, I've been harvesting plenty of spuds from the very early plantings in the greenhouse and getting a reasonable crop now.

Did a video below.

Just out of curiosity too, I left the time lapse camera on my french beans for 3 days to see what they'd look like climbing up the canes as they've been growing so quickly since I added a little of the Beetle Poo to the soil this year in the form of "Ecothrive Charge"

This stuff has made stuff grow much stronger and quicker than normal, maybe all down to it's increased bacterial and microbial action in the soil, who knows, but it definitely makes things grow better.

It was prety interesting to see them grow speeded up, well I thought so anyway, video below.

June 18th.

Plenty of rain and sunshine this last week so ideal growing conditions.

Things are really starting to move.

In the polytunnel the french beans have reached the top of the canes now as they were growing almost 6 inches daily.

I've put some extension canes at the ends of the canes so they can continue to grow a bit longer horizontally just above head height.

The courgette is producing plenty of fruit now and I've set the time lapse camera up to see how they look growing speeded up.

The giant carrots are putting lots of top growth on now so maybe a giant will lurk underneath by September.

I did a time lapse video of the cucumbers swelling , 7 days in 60 seconds, it's quite interesting.....honestly.

So really everything is starting to grow well and fast now.

The potatoes are all fully topped up and some of the early ones are starting to flower, so it won't be long until there are a few new potatoes ready.

The Jerusalem Artichokes I'm trying this year in a couple of pots are growing quickly, but as they're apparently a member of the sunflower family it's hardly surprising.

The giant marrows are much bigger than this time last year due to me risking sowing and planting out earlier than before.

Hopefully I should get a bigger plant before setting a fruit and hopefully a bigger marrow as a result.

Did another roundup video below which should show the progress of most of the plot.

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