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 June 1st.

Apparently it is now officially Summer !

Please tell the weather because I am getting pretty sick and tired of the torrential rain, cold and gale force winds.


I think I'm a good 3 weeks behind last year outside, the peas are barely a foot tall, the onions aren't exactly huge, the cabbages haven't grown since I planted them out and the potatoes have just started to get above the top of some of their pots.

So all in all it's a pitifully start to the season so far.

Over on the potato progress the ones growing in the polytunnel are flying due to the warmth but the ones outside are struggling due to the cold.

I did a video of the first small harvest from one seed potato grown in a 12 litre pot below after just 90 days.

Not very spectacular to say the least but just a test pot to see the state of play at this early stage.

In the polytunnel things are faring much better than outside.

The lettuce are almost ready to pick now and the French beans are just starting to climb the poles.

I have plenty of lettuce plants ready to be planted out but it's just too windy at the moment.

The giant onion is growing well but I noticed a lot of fungus gnats on the compost surface, these lay eggs and the maggots eat the roots, so I've covered the surface in sand to deter egg laying and put a load of sticky traps down to catch the flying adults that actually just hop around on the floor.

One thing I am quite happy with is the Tomatoes, peppers and chillies.

They're growing away steadily and have a few flowers on already.

I've even managed to keep a cucumber plant alive for a month now.

I've got some products from a company called "The Nutrient Company" who specialise in providing friendly bacteria, micorrhizae and other beneficial products that boost your soils microbial activity, and are especially beneficial to sterile growing media such as shop bought compost and tired greenhouse soils, I'll be giving them a go and they will improve my plant health and vigour and help fight off soil borne diseases.         

Anyway I did a roundup video earlier in the week, click below to play.

June 6th.

Just a quick update.

Gale force winds again today which have snapped half my lettuces off.

Things outside still struggling with the cold weather and nights and just not growing quickly.

Inside the polytunnel stuff is flying along with the Iceberg Lettuce hearting up and the beans climbing the canes quickly.

The Giant tomatoes are growing quickly and the show Kelsae Onions have perked up a bit.

The giant onion is starting to bulb up now and is putting on about 1/4" or girth a day.

I emptied out a pot of potatoes in the polytunnel after 100 days since planting to see what sort of yield I'd get.

Video below, click to play.

June 13th.

Summer seems to have finally arrived......well for 4 days at least.

Unfortunalely this week I did take a few photos, got them home, put them on the computer, ran a Windows update and they all disappeared.

So all I have this week is a plot tour video I did on the 9th.

Anyway, things are growing well now but a bit short of water, especially for the polytunnel as I have to collect the rain water and I'm running short.

Video plot tour below, Click to play, Cheers.

June 19th.

What a difference a week makes.

With the inch of rain we had the other day things have really had a bit of a growing spurt.

Finally the Lettuces are almost ready outside and the Cabbages are putting on some decent leaf growth.

I did notice that mice had gnawed the growing tips out of a couple though so that will probably finish them off.

The spuds are flying after a slow start and I've put a bit of support around them to hopefully keep the leaves from snapping in any strong winds we may get.

Harvested some nice big Iceberg Lettuce from the polytunnel recently.

The Courgette plant is starting to produce fruit now, so I'll be getting sick of these in a few weeks time.

The Climbing French Beans "Cobra" are about 5ft up the poles now and I'll train them overhead once they reach the top to get a bigger crop.

The peas "Hurst Greenshaft" are about 2 feet tall now and I just noticed the first pea flowers, so hopefully in 3 weeks or so we should be picking the first pods.

One casualty of the cold Spring this year are the onions from sets, quite a few have gone to seed almost certainly in response to the unseasonably cold weather followed by hot days, they just don't know whether they're coming or going, get stressed and bolt.

Over in the Greenhouse things are growing really well so far.

The tomatoes are hetting tall now and I have the first fruits forming already which is good.

And me, the world's worst Cucumber grower is having some early success this year with plenty of fruit set and I've not killed the plant yet !

I harvested the last of the container grown indoor potatoes last week and had a decent haul for once.

Did a video of it, click below to play.

June 27th.

Approaching the end of "Flaming"June and it seems that a heatwave is going to be upon us next week.

I've been too busy this week to take any pics, but things are still growing away well apart from a few bolting onions outside.

I did a video of the whole plot and Greenhouse earlier in the week which should show what sort of state everything is at the moment.

Click below to play, Cheers.

giant onion

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