June 2009.




June 1st.

With all the really hot Sunny weather over the past week things have really started to move.


The turnips are just starting to form and the Rocket's starting to grow well,I must remember to keep this well wartered otherwise it will just run to seed really quickly.


The climbing french beans are racing up the canes in the polytunnel after suffering an initial bit of sun scorch immediatley after planting them out and the two rows of carrots are doing well,like last year I'm going to resist watering these at all regardless of how dry it gets as doing this forces the tap root deeper and I always seem to get a better crop of carrots as a result.


The peas are starting to attach themselves to my chicken wire support which I find is much better than the flimsy plastic netting sold for pea and bean support.


The Shallots are starting to split nicely and only into 5-6 bulbs so I should get bigger bulbs rather than millions of tiny fiddly ones.


The chives that have self seeded all over my garden are now in flower and seem to attract loads of Bees which is a pretty rare sight these days.


Even the idiot proof flower garden's starting to grow and should be in flower soon.Found a cool looking spiders web right across one of the waterbutts too.


As for the Giant Onion attempt things are really flying along.          

This is the short video of how some things in the garden are at the moment.

June 6th

Well,what a typical British June week !!  Tuesday midday 27c  Today midday 7c !

Anyhow with the protection of the polytunnel I managed to harvest my 1st potatoes earlier this week,although a bit small they should be fine in another week or so.


The Courgettes are really moving and actually have one fruit on already and the Strawberries are ripening up nicely too.


Decided to transplant my leeks.

The first thing to do was to separate them all into single plants.


Unlike some folk,I never bother trimming the roots and tops by 50%.A lot of people do this but last year I did try it and it didn't make the slightest bit of difference to the yield.


So then I make a hole about 6-8" deep with an old spade shaft,then plonk one plant into each hole and then just fill the hole carefully with water which will wash just enough soil over the roots to cover them.

Never fill the hole in as this will get soil between the leaves and you'll end up with gritty Leeks.

The reason for planting in a hole is to produce the white "Blanched" stem which basically grows underground excluded from daylight which turns the stem white.


Ideally you'd plant them anything from 12-18" apart each way to get bigger leeks but this year due to lack of space I've done mine about 10-12" apart but planted more.

It is a bit of a chore planting Leeks,but really that's about it as they don't seem to suffer from many pests or diseases and they should be ready from late Sept right through until April next year.


Picked the 1st small little gem lettuce,which were really the final thinnings but are still great to eat and got a whole load of Rocket picked too.


Peppers and Chillies coming along well.


So overall, things are starting to move along a bit faster now.

June 13th.

I'm really short of rain amazingly.It's been raining all around here but I seem to have missed it.


Despite the lack of rain the Iceberg Lettuce are starting to heart up and the little gems too.


The beetroot are really growing well and the most tastless boring veg of them all, the almighty Courgette is starting to produce some fruit......oh joy !! 


My Idiot proof perennial flower garden is really coming into bloom.

Enormous Poppies,as soon as they have stopped flowering I literally just hack the entire plant, leaves and all ,off at soil level every year and they keep coming back better every year.Crazy !!


An arty farty shot for you.


And one more.


For the first time ever I've actually got some little Plums on my Plum Tree...Wahey !!! whether they'll grow and ripen is anyones guess.The Blackcurrants are doing well after last years poor crop.


I've got the biggest crop of Gooseberries ever this year after last years poor harvest.

They must go in a 2 year cycle because the year before last I had loads as well...who knows ?


So overall now it's started to warm up a bit things are starting to grow and my veg plot finally looks half decent.

June 20th

Wow !! what a difference a bit of rain makes.


The cabbages are really starting to move and not a catterpillar in sight thanks to the netting.

And finally the peas are beginning to flower.


The bit of rain has started to swell the shallots up a bit and my 1st iceberg should be ready soon.


The transplanted leeks seem to be OK if a little bit battered about by the wind,and the Strawbs are starting to ripen,trouble is the bloody Blackbirds have had more than me !


Harvested a few spuds now that they're a bit bigger and the 1st of the Turnips,they might not look like that in the supermarket,but these are really sweet if a bit on the ugly side.


So things really growing well thanks to the 1st significant rain in over a month.

June 27th.

WOW !! what weather.touching 80 and not a drop of rain.


Finally some pea pods,could really do with a bit of rain to fill 'em out though.


Carrots are flying along but even with the drought I've resisted watering to get a longer specemin,seems like the beetroot won't be far off being ready too.


And now onto the boring veg,the turnips are about cricket ball size and the Courgettes are just producing non stop.Anyone know a recipe to turn courgettes into anything resembling palatability ?? 'cos I don't.


Oh great !! Yet again some of my Red Onions have decided to bolt.

These were heat treated sets yet still they disappoint me year in year out.


In the polytunnel the peppers have started to form a few fruit.Many books advise you to nip out the growing tip at about 9" but I never bother and just leave them to their own devices.


The climbing french beans have climbed up 6 feet and are now climbing horizontally overhead another 6 feet and I'm starting to get the 1st tiny beans on,so that'll be a glut for the next 6 weeks or so.


The corriander is growing quickly in the heat and hopefully I may get some squashes for the 1st time in a few years from this new bush variety I have growing in the greenhouse border.


Over on the fruit side I'm still amazed to see the 1st ever plums I've had on my tree,especially as it's a Pear tree..LOL !! ...the Blackcurrants are ripening up well.


So generally everythings really starting to shift with all the hot weather.


So that's June almost done and dusted.

I'll finish with my 1st Iceberg Lettuce of the year,always a highlight,1000% better than the bitter yellow rubbish from Spain that we have to put up with for the rest of the year.


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