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  July 1st.

Well, things have certainly warmed up a bit. We hit 90F on Wednesday but it was bloody horribly humid.

The plants have really benefited though and have flown on.


Started harvesting plenty of stuff, the lettuce are all ready at once but managing to use plenty up.

Still pulling a bit of Rhubarb, the Kale is ready to pick and loads of courgettes.

For the first time in years I'm having plenty of success with cucumbers, been picking plenty of full sized ones from the greenhouse and even in the polytunnel I have a lot starting to form fruit now.

Outside the peas are in full flower now with a few pods forming so it won't be long before these get picked.

The slugs are hammering some things but don't seem to like the Red Cabbage which are growing massive.

No sign of any rust on the leeks yet or any blight on the potatoes and both are growing well at the moment.

Over on the Giant Veg front the marrows are growing quickly in the heat but I need to put some temporary hail protection over just in case we get a thundery downpour..

The Giant Onion is doing well so far too.

Did a plot tour video earlier, click below to play.

July 10th.

Things still growing nicely although the weather has taken a change for the worse and was just 12 C the other day.

One disappointment is the onions from sets which have nearly all gone to seed due to the rubbish Spring we had, I'll be buying heat treated onion sets next year as they very rarely go to seed no matter how bad the weather is.

More pleasing are the Shallots from sets and not one has gone to seed, I harvested them all today and they're a good size and now at home drying off before storing.

The main veg bed is growing well now apart from loads of huge black slugs that have taken a liking to my Iceberg lettuce.

The peas are now forming loads of pods and the plants are hanging with them , hopefully they'll start to fill out soon and I'll be able to start picking them.

The Red lettuces are ready now, they don't taste any different but look nicer .

The Giant Marrow plants are growing well now and hopefully I'll get some fruit set towards the end of the month and maybe grow a giant one.

The potatoes are flowering outside now , it's been hard to keep them watered recently as there hasn't been much rain and I've run out of water on the plot.

Harvested the Gooseberries even though they weren't completely ripe as our resident Blackbird doesn't care and will eat them before I harvest them like it did last year.

The greenhouse is crammed full of stuff now with the tomatoes starting to set plenty of fruit, and my success with Cucumbers continues, I've never had so many and usually manage to kill them within a few weeks.

Did a quick plot tour video below, click to play, Cheers.

July 17th.

Not had time to take any photos this week but have done a full plot tour video below.

Anyway, things have really started to grow quickly now with some of the Savoy Cabbages being almost July !

Peas are all filling out nicely and I'm already sick of eating courgettes and cucumbers.

Gale force winds this afternoon and tomorrow but I went up to the plot and luckily things had survived reasonably well.

Anyway that's enough waffling, video is below, click to play, Cheers.

July 27th.

Yet again I've been too busy at work to take any photos so you'll have to put up with another video update.

This was taken on Saturday when it was Sunny, now it appears that we have gone into Winter.

Constant rain and temperatures of just 12C in the daytime and apparently there's a risk of a possible frost later in the week.

Frost in mid Summer ? what the hell is going on.

Giant Onion
bolted onions
shallots harvested
vegetable garden
red lettuce
giant marrow
potato flowers

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