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 January 1st.

 I hope everyone had a happy Christmas and a happy New Year, that's the festivities done with for another year.

It's been a while since I last did any updates as the weather has been just terrible in my part of the world, along with a lot of other folk from the North West and parts of Scotland we've just had constant rain and as a result my veg plot is still saturated and I'm unable to do anything with it for now.

I have ventured up to the plot and harvested a few bits of submerged veg but the ground needs a long time to dry out before any work can be done to try and get it into shape for this years season.

Some of the speedy salad leaves I sowed and had been growing under the lights are being harvested now which is a nice chance to have a few fresh salad leaves in winter.

I have started to chit a few potatoes, some of the Sarpo varieties I have saved from last years crop and some Nicola new potatoes that I'm going to grow really early indoors in small pots for hopefully a really early crop.

Over on the Giant Onion front, things are ticking over nicely.

Some are nearly 12" tall with the 4th leaf just starting to appear so I'll be repotting the best 24 of these into larger pots soon.

I'm supporting them with the little green plant clips as they grow to try to keep them upright and giving them a tiny feed of the new Beetle poo fertilizer called "Charge" once a week.

So far so good but still 9 months to go.

I did a very quick video below,click to play.

January 23rd.

Apologies fo not having updated the blog for ages but I've not had a day off work for 3 weeks and just not had any time to do anything.

Having said that, the weather has been so awful I wouldn't have been able to do much at the plot anyway.

I did manage to make a very brief update video the other day but that's about it I'm afraid.

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