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January 1st.

Well, the first day of a New Year.

Decided to try to get rid of my hangover by shovelling a bit more sand about in the polytunnel.


The sand in the carrot boxes and barrels needed digging out and leaving outside for a few months to try to wash the excess fertilizer out of it, had a few problems last year so I'm hoping this will rectify it.

Still harvesting some nice cabbages from inside the polytunnel which are just basic Greyhound ones, but are as sweet as any of the expensive varieties and stay in good condition in the cold weather.



It still amazes me how much sand is in each box that only grows 16 carrots, there must be nearly a tonne, so it's a bit of a labour of love, or obsession.

Managed to Winter dig the main bed a couple of days ago when the soil was frozen on top, this made it so much easier as you didn't sink into the soil and could walk over it without compacting it.

So that's a major job done and now it's just a matter of letting the weather break the clods down.


Whilst in the polytunnel I found this little toad living under my floor cover.

I left him in peace as they are a great predator to have and he seemed healthy and fat enough.

That's about it for this small update, I did a bit of a video around the plot on Boxing day below.




January 15th.


Just nipped upto the plot in the gale force wind to find that most of the remaining stuff is being battered.



And what was left of my Purple Sprouting Brocolli is being blown away by the second.

Strangeley the most un-aerodynamic vegetable known to man, Kale is still standing....just.

Had an unwelcome visitor on the freshly dug over main bed, thankfully judging by the size of the hole and the footprints it's just an errant rabbit and not another invasion of Rats.

I've started to refill the show carrot boxes and barrels inside the tunnel with sand, the ones outdoors were done a while ago, so that's another task on the way.

That's about it outside but I still have plenty of alliums storing nicely from last year at home.

I did a quick video to show how I store my onions, garlic and shallots well into the following Spring below.

  January 24th.

I decided to plant some Shallots in pots for an earlier start this year, these are Jermor and will be planted out in the ground in late March / early April, my ground is too wet and cold at this time of year so this is the only way I can do it.


My seed potatoes arrived this week, a little bit early so I won't chit them yet.

I've put them in a really cold lean-to which is just about above freezing so they won't start to sprout yet.

If I left them somewhere warm then they would sprout and produce useless spindly shoots. I'll be chitting these in a bright frost free place in a week or two.


With Winter being quite mild this year some of last years Parsley is starting to sprout again already.

Usually It dies off with me so this year I won't need to sow any more hopefully.

I decided to mix this years Exhibition Carrot and Parsnip mixtures earlier.

I did a video of the process and what went into the mixes below.

This year I've tried to simplify it, so if it works it will be dead easy to replicate year on year


Last year's Chillies the "Joes Long" are still on the plant and drying out slowly.

It won't be long before they are sowed again for this years crop.

They're my favourite chilli being quite mild but huge.


I bought a little Camera Drone.

And when I say small, I mean it will fit in the palm of your hand and only weighs 50 grammes.

Had a maiden test flight above the plot at sunset, the video is below.

It was almost dark so the quality isn't fantastic but It's a view of my plot I've never seen




polytunnel cabbage
winter digging

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