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 Feb 6th.

Still not much going on at the moment due to the continuing awful weather.

I did manage to get out for a solitary sunny day and get a good days work done on the beds up at the plot.

Considering the rain we've had the soil was in quite a dry state, maybe because I didn't actually Winter dig it this year and just added compost to the top in a sort of "No Dig" way and the worms must have taken the compost down and improved the drainage.

I did however give the beds a bit of a light shallow forking over and a few passes through with the 3 pronged cultivator to a depth of about 3-4".

So that's the main job done and the first thing to be planted will be the Garlic at the end of this month / early March.

Over on the Giant Onion front I've just repotted for the 3rd and final time before planting out, this time into 4 litre pots.

So far so good, they are about 18-24" tall with 6-7 leaves on and seem to be growing as well if not better than any I've grown before.

I'm not sure whether it's the TNC Myco Mycrrhizae or the Charge Beetle Frass that I'm using this year that is making them grow so well but it's either one of them or both.

So that's about it. I'll be sowing some Chillies and Leeks soon and even planting a few very early potatoes in pots.

Anyway here's a quick video of the veg plot below, and a bit of time lapse of Storm Henry.

Feb 20th.

A few things have started to happen over the last fortnight.

I decided to plant a few very early new potatoes in smaller pots to try to get a really early crop in the polytunnel.

These were Charlotte & Nicola varieties which are my personal favourites for new spuds.

I've just left them in the back of our workshop until they sprout through the soil, then I'll put them in the polytunnel and protect them from any frost.

Did a quick video below.

The giant onions are growing really well under the lights since I repotted them into the larger pots and are as good as I've ever grown them at this time of year, so far so good but it's when they are planted in the big pots in the polytunnel later next month that the fun will begin.

The giant carrots are growing away steadily in the pipes now and these will be planted in the polytunnel beds in April and hopefully I can manage to grow a giant one this year.

Did a video of the Onion repotting showing how I add the mycorrhizal fungi and the support clips to the plants.

Today I decided to sow a few seeds, namely the Jumbo Banana Shallots, my Leeks and a few Long Chillies.

The Shallots are the ones I've grown for a few years now "Zebrunne"  and are still an amazing variety which grow huge and store for over 6 months.

The Leeks are jus the old favourite "Musselburgh" which are a tried and tested variety.

The long Chillies are called "Spaghetti" and are supposed to grow longer than any other chilli available.

The sowings are now on a windowsill indoors until they germinate and will be going into the polytunnel as soon as the pop through.

Started to stock up an a bit of compost and other stuff as I'll be needing loads of it soon for the potatoes and onions in pots.

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