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 February 1st.

Well, here we go again, February is here.

Still not a great deal happening as it's cold and snow has just been.




In the Polytunnel the cabbages are still growing very slowly, in amongst them are some Spring Onions that are ready to eat now.

A bit small but it's a bonus to have these so early on.

Ok, the Cabbages aren't the biggest in the World but they are really sweet and tender.

Still got plenty of the smaller Turnips growing outside, these were called "Armand" and have stood really well over Winter so far.

The final remaining Sweet Candle carrots have stood well too, no splitting or frost damage.

So still harvesting a little bit of stuff now and again.

The recent frost is breaking down the soil well, but I still have a rabbit digging great big holes everywhere, need to take my Jack Russel up to the plot me thinks.

My seed potatoes arrived last week much earlier than I'd hoped so they needed to be chitted in a cool bright place.

Did a video trying to explain why and when this is necessary below.

Feb 6th.


Finally managed to get hold of some horse muck.

Luckily they were in the process of moving the heap so there was a bloke there with a digger and I managed to get some of the best 2 year old    stuff right from the bottom.




Managed to get about 20x 30 litre buckets full in the back of the Land Rover still steaming away.

I really need to get a big trailer load but will have to settle for small muck runs for now.

Spread it over the beds and will fork it in once the ground thaws out.


Harvested the few remaining Leeks, quite a few had succumbed to the cold weather and frozen to death but I got a few out.



So really It's just been a bit of final Winter digging and a bit of muck adding recently..

Did a bit of a quick tour video below, click to play.


 Feb 14th.


Finally starting to break down the soil a little in the raised beds.

Thanks to the recent hard frosts the soil is coming together nicely and the clods are breaking down easily.



So, Im starting to get a bit of early soil preparation done.

Garlic will be planted at the end of this month.


Harvested the last of the Kale outside and most of the remaining carrots and turnips.

Planted the first seed of the year, the Chillies.

I'm doing an experiment this year and trying to replant last years F1 Hybrid Chilli seeds and see what I end up with.

Did a video below, Click to watch.

 Feb 20th.


Still not a lot happening and the weather's set to turn nasty next week.

The first of the Joes Long chillies are now germinated, but the ones I sowed from last years plants aren't yet, so maybe they're sterile, we'll have to wait and see.

I've sowed a few carrots in big wide pipes for the daft giant carrot class, these will be planted in holes in the polytunnel later, the more forked the better as it's just the weight I'm after, not a perfect specimen.

I'll be planting a couple of pots of first early potatoes this weekend indoors for a really early crop hopefully but they'll need protection from frost for a long time.


I started using Rockdust last year for the first time, just a little bit sprinkled onto the beds and I had the best crops ever last year.

Now I don't know if it was the Rockdust that helped or the fact we had a hot Summer but I'm using it again.

It contains minerals and trace elements which are released slowly over time from the crushed volcanic rock.

Finally I started to prepare the beds outside a little and did a bit of a video.

Click to play, Cheers.

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