February 2009




Feb 1st

Well,into February, so as It's been relatively dry for a while I decided to Rotavate the beds.

I wish I'd not added all the dead leaves to my new bed as they've not rotted down at all.


I suppose once I rotavate 'em in a bit they may decompose a bit faster.

I use the ladder to walk on so I'm not trampling on the freshly turned ground as I do have quite a clayey/heavy soil and I'd just compact it if I was to walk on it.


After all the freezing weather there's been up here over Winter the soil was really well broken down by the frost and It was really easy going for a change.


That was pretty painless,it only took about half an hour.


So as you can see It's really been broken up well,this is probably due in part to the couple of tonnes of Limestone grit I added last year.

I'd never be able to get it like this without the Rotavator.I won't be planting anything for a good 6 weeks,so It'll have plenty of time to settle.

I've still got a few Leeks growing,which despite looking a bit battered by the cold are still OK.


And the Rhubarb I split up and transplanted seems to have survived ,as there are a few new shoots emerging.

Feb 7th

Decided to buy my seed potatoes today and start to "Chit" them.

Chitting just means leaving them in a cool frost free place in a bright spot, with the Eyes facing upwards so that you get them to produce short green shoots which help to get the spuds off to a flying start once you plant them

I bought "Nicola" again which is an early salad new potato with a really waxy texture.


Old egg boxes are ideal for standing the spuds in for chitting.


Got my Shallots today as well "Red Sun" ,I won't be planting them for a good month so I just leave them spread out in a cool spot until planting.I'm going to plant my own Garlic from last year again as I got cracking results the last time and It has stored really well.

Well, over on the Giant onion front the seedlings are now doing fine after realising that the compost was completely devoid of any nutrients which led to the downfall of most of my earlier plants.

I watered these with a good dose of Phostrogen and they're now doing ok with some starting to produce a 3rd leaf.


So touch wood, I should manage to get some half decent plants by April to go into the tunnel.

Feb 14th

Just a bit of an update on the big onion saga.

Time to re pot my remaining solitary plant from the original pips I got late last year.


It had outgrown it's small pot and had a decent set of roots so I potted it on into a 2 litre pot and erected a Heath Robinsonesque support system made of canes and string to support the leaves.


As the thing is almost 3ft tall now I'll have to put it on a windowsill instead of using the lights, and I've placed a small fluorescent light above and some tin foil behind, to get as much light as possible.


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