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 December 1st.

Into December now, well nearly.... and a new growing project is already underway.



The annual attempt at trying to grow a 10 pound onion is now just starting.

I've come close in the past with a 9 lb 12 oz one in 2013 but it's the magical 10 pounds I really want to achieve.

I sowed the seed from ex world record holder Peter Glazebrooks seed on Nov 22 and they have started to germinate after a week.

I'll be transplanting the seedlings when they straighten out into 3" pots and grow them on under my lights and then pot on as necessary.

I have a couple of grow lights, both are the T5 types with fluorescent tubes, a smaller 2 ft one for seedlings and a bigger 4 ft one for the bigger plants.

I've also been buying all sorts of goodies to use with the compost such as mycorrhizal fungi and beetle frass (Ecothrive Charge), Seaweed extract, Bio Bizz etc , all of which are natural products and have shown good results with some of the giant onions grown last year.

I've also bought a lot of perlite to add to the compost as onions like an open structure and hate being in wet soil, perlite opens up the structure and aids drainage and aeration.

Anyway I've put together a page of links to some of the products I use which can be purchased from Amazon, this way It's easier for me to do this instead of answering questions as to where I get some of the more unusual products I use, so if anyones interested see menu for gardening products.

I did a very brief plot tour after the recent storms, click to play.Thanks.

December 4th.

The foul weather and storms seem to be never endig so I've not even ventured up to the plot all week.

At least there's a bit growing indoors now to give me something to do.

I pricked 30+ of the Giant Onion seedlings out into 3 inch pots as they were at the right stage with the seed leaf just having straightened up.

I used a seed sowing sompost with 25% perlite added and also added a little of the                                 to add a bit of the beneficial bacteria to the compost and hopefully give them a better chance of growing healthily.

I watered with a bit of Maxicrop Seaweed as well which adds a few trace elements too and reduces shock of transplanting.

These are now under my smaller T5 grow light for 12 hours a day.

I sowed a few salad leaves to maybe get a small Winter crop which will make a nice change to the shop bought rubbish I'm now having to eat since all my own have finished.

So apart from that, not much going on at present. Did a quick vid of the onions below, click to watch, Cheers.

December 12th.

Not much to report this week.

The weather has been horrendous with some severe flooding all around my area, luckily for me I wasn't personally affected but as I'm only 15 miles from Kendal there has been some terrible experiences for people nearby.

So not much to add except that the giant onions are now under my bigger 4ft grow light and ticking over nicely with another leaf having grown in a week.

I also sowed somw fast growing salad leaves in a pot to use the remaining light.

This packet had a sow by 2007 date on it so it just goes to show that some seed keeps fresh longer than they state.

Anyway I had to keep occupied in the long boring nights so I decided to fashion an instrument out of a vegetable, click video below to see.

giant onion

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