December 2009 




Dec 1st

Not much going on other than my stupid decision to create a Pumpkin Patch to grow some giant Pumpkins on next year.

1st thing to do was to turn this sheep grazing land into good growing soil.....oops !!


Me thinks this is going to be hard work !!!.


First I decided to make the plot about 60'x25' so I'll have around 1500 sq ft of area.

Then the hard work of hammering in 20 fence posts with a 30lb rubber post hammer.

I'll fence it off using stock fence and chicken wire to keep both the sheep and rabbits out after I've finished digging it all over.


Next is the really tough job of double digging the whole area by hand in time for the Winter weather to hopefully break it down later.

Dec 2nd

Well,as there was a decent weather window I decided to skive off work and get to grips with the digging.


First was to dig out a row of sods and remove, and then dig the soil underneath and remove some.

Then on all the following rows,dig the sods and turn upside down on top of the previously dug trench,then dig a bit of further soil from the trench and chuck this on top of the upturned sods.

But don't go too deep,never go into the subsoil layer apart from to add manure or compost and don't mix any subsoil with your topsoil if possible.

Luckily I have pretty deep topsoil so I can do it this way instead of having to add manure or compost into the subsoil layer

Then when you get to the end put the 1st sods into the final trench.

Hard work but worth it.


On and on.Finally the 1st one done.I decided to make 2 separate beds rather than 1 big plot.


Thats the 2nd one done,so I now have 2: 40ftx7ft beds.

This kind of digging is my variation of Double digging or what used to be called "Bastard Trenching" for good reason !!

December 22nd.

Wow !!! What do you reckon to all this bloody "Global Warming" then ???


Went up to the plot today and as you can see there's a good 12" of lying snow.


Underneath this I've still got a few Red Cabbages growing,god knows where they are though and just the tops of my leeks are poking through.

I've still not dug my ground over for Winter yet either.

Anyway amazingly I've started on the Exhibition Veg front today by potting some shallots up for next year.


So that's one jobe done.


That's it for this week folks.........

Thanks a lot for looking.



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