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 August 20th.

Once again sorry for the lack of updates, this is the busiest time of year for me at work so I don't have the time or inclination to do much with the blog as it has such a mediaeval updating tool and it takes ages to upload photos.

So at the moment it's just harvesting aplenty, everything is ready to eat so it's a glut at the moment.

My favourite veg are the pointed peppers called "Ox Horn" which seem completely idiot proof to grow and produce at least 20+ big fruit per plant in just a smallish 8" pot.

The tomatoes are all ripe now in the greenhouse and I am just going to grow loads of the tumbling types next year as these too seem idiot proof with no care or sideshoot pinching required and they are producing literally hundreds of tomatoes crossed between a cherry and a normal one.

All the early potatoes are up and eaten now which is always a sad time.

I harvested all the garlic the other day and it was a pretty good crop despite this Summers crap weather.

Over on the Giant Veg I'm happy with the onions and they're still growing albeit slowls and may just get one over the magical 10 pound mark this year but it'll be close.

Likewise the Marrow is growing well and is about 60 lbs now and looks to have a lot more growing left but the torrential rain today could cause it to split if it gets a sudden growth surge.

One thing that I'm finding hillarious to grow are the giant runner beans, dead easy to grow, just reduce each truss to 1 or 2 beans and watch them grow infront of your eyes, I have one about 2ft long already after just 2 weeks growth.

Anyway as I say it takes ages to upload photos to this page now thatthey have changed the editing thingy so it's easier to do a video.

Done a bit of a round up video and the Garlic harvest below.