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 April 1st.

Unfortunately the Weather isn't an April fools joke !

Is it ever going to warm up ?

Finally a few of the seedlings are ticking over in the polytunnel.

The Brassicas are growing slowly, Red Cabbage, Kale and the Savoys.

The Banana Shallots and Leeks are through and still small due to the lack of warmth lately.

I've planted most of the potatoes in the pots now, about 25 in all including about 5 different types of the Blight free Sarpo varieties I obtained from the Sarvari Trust, the folks responsible for breeding them.  Video below, click to play.


I manged to plant out all the onion sets that have been grown in modules in the polytunnel for the last month.

They had about 5 leaves on and a good root ball so now was the best time to plant out.

Ideally the weather could have been a bit warmer but they needed to go out.

I also planted my peas in short lengths of guttering, why ? you may ask.

I did it this way last year and had fantastic germination and faster growth initially, also with the soil being so cold and wet outside at the moment they would simply rot off or be eaten by mice at the moment.

Once they germinate I just slide sections of the peas into trenches outside and they grow away readily. Video below, click to play.

April 10th.

Lovely weather this week and things starting to grow a bit in the polytunnel.

The peas sowed in the gutter last week are starting to sprout so I decided to knock up my pea support frame.

Looks rubbish but does the job, I find chicken wire a good sturdy net for them to grow up and you can use it year after year as opposed to that annoying plastic cheap pea & bean netting that is a nightmare to work with.

Planted all the pot grown spuds outside, got about 25 in all with 5 new different Sarpo Varieties included this year.

Over on the show veg front I've sowed all the show carrots, both long and stump.

My giant onions are also planted in the polytunnel hoping for them to get to the magical 10 pound mark at last.

So things finally starting to happen, albeit slowly, but we're starting.

Did a tour video and a look at some of the Giant veg, click below to play.

April 17th.

Well what a difference a bit of Sunshine makes.

Things have really started to grow in the polytunnel at last.

The peas sowed in the gutters earlier are all up and growing now, just about ready to plant outside once I get a bit of time.

The Garlic outside is all up and growing away, got a 100% "sproutage" rate this year which is nice as you always seem to get an odd one that doesn't grow away, but this year all 60 are up.

Even my Rhubarb is growing great guns, it's been disappointing the last few years, but this year it seems to be growing properly.

Maybe it's because I didn't neglect it this time and gave it a good mulch of horse muck and some fertilizer.

Inside the peppers, tomatoes and chillies are growing well under the lights, these won't be going into the greenhouse until May at the earliest.

I would recommend anyone to buy even a small T5 grow light, if just a 2ft x 1 ft one as you can grow so much stuff really well under them and they are only 50 watts of power to run, so they cost peanuts.

Anyway, I decided to try to grow a pot of Spuds in just sand and a bit of fertilizer.

Don't know if it'll work but I'll give it a go and see what happens, video below.

April 25th.

Not had time this week to do much up at the plot due to working all weekend so nothing much to post.

Things are growing well in the polytunnel and all the brassicas are nearly ready to be planted out, but I'll wait another week as we have 2 nights of frost forecast this weekend....great !

Did a quick video round up at the end of last week so that'll have to be it I'm afraid.

Did manage to get the peas planted out though.

Click below to play vid, Cheers.

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