January 2009



Jan 1st.

Well,another year starts.Decided to get rid of my monumental hangover by going to the plot.

Not much to do so I just tidied up the Strawberries a bit and pulled all the dead leaves off.Wow how exciting !!


 I've never known it so cold for ages,have a look at the ice on my water butts.


You Southerners don't know what cold is !


 Freezing Fog then rolled in and everything was absolutely covered in Haw Frost.....beautiful !


 Never seen anything like it before up here.


My Kilmarnock Willow looked crazy.


I might as well show some pics of the weather as there's not much Veg action.

Mad weather or what ?

Jan 11th

Not much to report outside but over on the Big Onion Front:

Well, 21 days after sowing the Onion seed I've finally got some germinating.I was about to give up on them.


Over on the Onion Pip side I'm still having casualties.

I'm now down to 7 plants but one of them is a monster and almost 18" tall with 5 leaves on,so I honestly don't know what happened to the others ????


I've lifted the lights well above the plants now and I'm leaving them on 8hrs a day.

Jan 24th

Nothing much to report other than an update on the big onion job.

Finally, after more than a month most of my Unwins Exhibition seed has germinated.


 Over on the "PIP" saga I still have one that's growing brilliantly but the others just keep dying.

This one's about 2 ft tall but the others are nothing like this one.You never know this one may be the big 'un !

Jan 27th

Over on the Onion Growing front again.

Well,I'm sick and tired of my pips dying so I decided to test the Compost for Nutrients and P.H.

Wow ,am I glad I did !!!


Ist thing to do was to get a sample of the compost straight out of the bag and mix it 5/1 with water.

Then you shake it up in a tub for a minute and then allow the water and silt to settle overnight.

Then with each kit you fill the container up with the water and add a capsule of powder,shake,and wait for the colour to develop.


Now to compare the colour of the sample against the chart.

As you can see the compost was completely depleted in Potassium (K) and Potash (P).

There was a surplus of Nitrogen (N) and the P.H was too acid at about 5.5.

So no wonder they weren't growing well,other than Nitrogen there doesn't seem to be any other nutrients in it whatsoever, and a P.H of 5.5 is too acid also.

So tomorrow I'm going to get some soluble fertilizer which stresses N and K over P to try to redress the balance ,otherwise the onions I've grown from seed will no doubt suffer the same fate.


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