August 2009.




August 1st.

Well,what do you think of our Great British Summer  then ??????

All the rain has certainly made my Carrots and remaining Beetroot grow.


As my 1st Lettuce and Beetroot have all now been harvested  I've been waiting to sow the last lot.

With all the rain I just had to sow them in un-ideal soil and hope for the best.


I'm trying to fill any spare bit of soil with new lettuce or Beetroot and see what I get.


My Red Onions have decided to flop over a bit prematurely so they aren't going to be very big.

Mind you I'm happy to get any after previous disasters.Found a really mad seed head on my flower bed.


I know I keep banging on about my shallots,but this years are humungus.


The first Peppers picked today,pretty early,and the 1st chillies,small but I bet they're pretty hot !!


The climbing beans are now growing horizontally above head height which means that the beans now hang down free from the leaves and make picking much easier.


Over on the giant onion front the biggest is now 23.25 inches in circumference,chech the separate section to see the progress.

Anyway here's my 1st Cabbage......And what a beauty !!!!


Thanks to the netting,no caterpillar damage.The variety is "Minocole" fantastic Cabbage and they also will stand for 6-8 weeks when ready without splitting,so you don't have to worry when they're all ready at once.

I actually felt guilty pulling it up.

August 8th.

Well,Summer's returned,It's been Sunny again at last.


Decided to pull up my Shallots even though they were still growing strongly,and have got them drying out in various spots throughout the plot .

The reason is,as you can see is that they are absolutely enormous !!! and plenty big enough.

I must have got almost 50 lbs from just one 99p bag of sets,amazing !!

Hopefully I can manage to get them really well dried out under cover so that they'll store well.


As I can't bear to see any bare ground,especially this early on I've decided to sow yet more beetroot,lettuce and spring onions in the space where I just dug the Shallots from,none will be very big,but I should be able to harvest something come mid September.

And at last !! my Cucumber plants are starting to produce some tiny fruit,I've no idea what's taken them so long as the plants are huge.


The amazing chilli plants with the fruit that appear on the outside pointing outwards ?? weren't very hot,but they aren't ripe yet.

Hopefully once they turn red they will heat up a bit.

Best year I can remember for the Sweet Peas,they just keep on coming.


Unfortunately my onions have decided to bend over prematurely which basically means that they won't get any bigger.

Once the neck bends over that's it,although a bit smaller than I would like them to be ,at least It'll give me more time to dry them out well so that they store better over Winter.

The leeks that were transplanted 2 months ago are doing well and seem to be as big as usual even given that I planted them much closer together this year.


Over on the Tomato front the Gardeners Delight Cherry Toms are absolutely amazing.

One truss has over 100 tomatoes on it !!

Anyway back to reality and the larger Shirley Toms are,as usual a lot slower,and none are ripe yet.

August 15th.

Decided to pull up all the onions this week and put them under cover to dry them out.

They were a reasonable size,around the 6-8 oz size.


My Garlic had started to topple over as well so I pulled that up today.


The bulbs have made a reasonable size considering that I only planted them in April.


So these should last me well into next year.


The Shirley tomatoes are really growing well,but no sign of any ripening yet.

And at last I may be able to harvest my 1st cucumber next week.


I'll leave you with a pic of these remarkable chillies,I've never seen anything as crazy before.

Absolutely stuffed with chillies,which apparently will go red eventually.Even if you don't like to eat chillies they would make a nice ornamental plant.

August 22nd.

The beetroot and 4th lot of lettuce I sowed recently to replace all the dug up garlic,shallots and onions is now growing,how big they will get is anyones guess.


The shallots are drying well in one of those toy plastic greenhouse thingys.The 2nd lot of spring onions are now through.


Amazingly this year I've actually got some Green Peppers turning Red !! and the red cabbages which were pretty pathetic specemins earlier on are now starting to heart up a bit.


Well,the first time I've ever had any plums on my tree and it's absolutely crammed with them.

So much so that the sheer weight has snapped the top 4 feet of the tree off.

I wish they'd ripen up though.


Also after 2 years of spider mite and thrip devastation I've finally got a few small Squash set on the plant,they were supposed to be a really quick variety only needing 75 days from sowing to harvest,well that's a load of rubbish as it's been double that already.

The closely spaced leeks are doing pretty well too.


I decided to pull the odd Autumn King Carrots up to see how they were doing.

To say they are enormous in an understatement,too big really.


At least next doors horse appreciated it though.



That's it for this week folks.........

Thanks a lot for looking.



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