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July 23rd.


Well, yet again it's been a while since I've updated the blog for numerous reasons.

Basically it's been a really crappy 3 months for me personally and I just haven't had the desire or inclination to update and also the veg plot has become quite neglected.


But It is still growing in amongst all the weeds and I'm managing to get some good crops out despite the untidiness.






















This year the cucumbers have been amazing and producing way too many to eat even just having been grown in 10 litre pots.


The variety is called Femspot.


The tumbling tomatoes are producing hundreds of small fruit and some are now starting to ripen.


The potatoes in the pots in the greenhouse all produced well and are now finished.

I've just started to harvest the outdoor ones now and have planted another 3 pots with seed potatoes for a crop hopefully in October.






















The peas this year have been quite disappointing and I only got about 3 carrier bags full and they were also a bit on the small side, I've heard a few others having the same problems but what the problem was I don't know, maybe the hot dry Spring ? or maybe just my neglect.


The French Beans are now ready in the tunnel and they should crop for a good few weeks.


Likewise the courgettes are coming a plenty now and the spring onions are enormous this year.


Got some massive Icebergs out of the polytunnel but the outdoor grown ones were wrecked with slugs, the Multigreen frilly lettuce though are,as always unaffected by slugs or snails.


Had a good crop of rhubarb for a change and this is starting to finish now but it's been really sweet this year after I applied a load of chicken manure pellets to the plants earlier, maybe that's the secret of sweetness.


Anyway It's just a load of crop pictures I'm afraid which hides the neglected plot somewhat.


So I'll put a couple of videos below of the whole place so you can see what it's really like.