November 2008




November 1st.

Well, into another month and pulled my 1st Leeks this week.


They're not massive at this stage but big enough and I have plenty growing.


Just pulled the last of the White Lisbon Spring onions and now the new red ones are ready,don't know how long they'll last though with the cold weather.Peppers still producing well although I haven't had a single one turn red yet.


Had a few days with hard frosts recently enough to freeze the water in my butts,let's hope we get some more and it kills off the slug eggs for next year.

Continuing to flood my polytunnel beds and try to flush out any excess fertilizer and nasty salts which have accumulated over the years so that my big onions have the best soil I can muster next year.


 I thought I'd dig up my Rhubarb and transplant it from it's neglected site and put it somewhere a bit better.

I'm not entirely sure I did it correctly but we'll see next year if it's survived.


I dug up the crown with as many roots as I could then I split the crown in two with the spade so that each half had a few buds.

It did look a bit brutal but we'll see.I then planted the 2 halves about 2ft apart in some soil I improved the drainage in by mixing in a load of sharp grit.


Then I just backfilled then gave a good mulch with rotted horse muck.

So we'll see next Spring if it's survived.

Nov 8th

Well,got a nice surprise today when I was digging over the plot when I found a couple of potato plants that I'd forgot to dig up.

They were Nicola and first earlies that have been in the soil since July.Amazingly they were perfect ,not a slug hole to be seen and not rotten at all.

So that's 2lb of new potatoes in November.


Over on the Giant onion front the "Pips" I planted earlier have started to sprout so I've re-potted them,and given a bit of luck they should make good plants for next years record attempt.


Nov 13th

Just put the sprouted Onion "Pips" under my new growing lights and WOW !!! in just a couple of days they've grown about half an inch.

At this rate they'll be 2ft tall by Christmas.


Nov 15th

A nice day today so I decided to pick the remaining veg from the plot.


Managed to get 2 small cabbages from the catterpillar ravaged crop and pulled the last of the red spring onions.

With all the leaves blowing about all over the place I decided to gather a load of them and dig them into the soil.


I spread a big mat of leaves onto the soil then dug them in as best I could.


So that's that done,the leaves should hopefully get eaten by the worms and improve the soil a lot.

That's most of my plot dug over now for Winter,so I'm hoping for some frosty weather to break down the soil.

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