December 2008




December 1st

Not much to report other than the extremely cold weather over the last 3 days.

Got down to --7 the other night here.The ice on my waterbutts is about 4 inches thick !! and there's even some on the ones in the polytunnel.


Over on the Giant Onion attempt I've had a few problems with a mysterious shrivelling of the tops of the plants,I can only put it down to me being a bit heavy on the watering and having the lights a little too close.


Dec 8th

The snow's still here and a lot deeper than I imagined it would be when I went up to my garden today.


Even the polytunnel had snow drifts up against it!!


Can't see it doing my leeks much good but at least it'll help to break down the dug over soil in the other beds.


Well,here's the proof of how cold it's been..... -ll centigrade.I don't remember it having been colder.

No wonder next doors horse is looking a bit fed up.

Dec 21st

Well today is the shortest day so I've decided to sow my Giant Onion seed.

I'm a lazy sod and personally I consider life too short to prick seedlings out so I'm sowing mine into modules of 18 and 24 with 2 seeds to each module.


I'm giving Unwins exhibition a try,wow ,you don't get many seeds in a packet though.


So that's about it,I sowed them about 5mm deep 2 to a module and now I'll just keep them at around 60f until they hopefully germinate in around 10 days time.

Over on the continuing Onion Pip saga, they are still growing with varying results.


Some are starting to develop their 4th leaf and I have one which is about a foot tall with 5 leaves.

Whether I can keep them all growing is another matter, but I'll do my best.

Dec 23rd

There was a let up in the rain today so I decided to add some lime to my beds.

I just add 2-3 oz / square yard every year as a maintenance dose which keeps the soil sweet and also helps to break my clay soil down a bit over Winter.

Just sprinkle it on and work it into the top surface or just let the rain wash it in.


Over in the Polytunnel I added all that horse muck a couple of months ago and basically put them to bed for the winter,I had a quick look under the covers and the soil was teeming with worms which can only be a good thing.


Well that's about it for this year.

Here's hoping for a good 2009.



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