September 2009.




Sept 6th

Well,today was our local Horticultural Show.

And I did pretty well,even if I do say so myself.


1st in the 4 onions from sets dressed class and 1st and 2nd in the 2 large onions dressed class.


1st,2nd & 3rd in the stump root carrots and 1st in the long carrots.


1st in the 1 veg class and 2nd in the cabbage class.


1st in the peculiar shaped veg and 2nd in the cherry tomato class.


1st and a rosette for best local exhibit in show for a set of 3 veg and even a 3rd for my fern.

Also got a 1st for 6 pods of peas which was a the 1st time for me.


So overall 8, 1st places 4, 2nds and 2, 3rds.

As you can see by my smug expression not a bad day. 

Off to a bigger show tomorrow with just a few of my very best bits.

If I get one 1st place there I'll be more than happy.

Sept 8th.

Went along to see how I fared at the Westmorland Horticultural Show today.


It's a really good show with some proper quality exhibits.


Anyway here's how I did.


3rd in the 6 onions under 8oz and 1st in the large onion,small onion and shallot class.


1st and 2nd with my carrots again, even though they are starting to go slightly crooked with all the drying out and then wrapping up in damp cloths after the last show.

And 2nd with my pretty awful long carrots.


But by far my most pleasing result ever was to win the Westmorland Onion Championship for these 6 beauties ,all of which are around 3 1/2 lb each.

Even if I hadn't won It would still have been my best exhibit to date.

I'm even getting a cup.......wahey !!!

Even got interviewed by the Westmorland Gazette for their write up of the event as I did so well as a newcomer to the show.

So I'm now feeling even more smug than on Sunday.

September 11th.

Well,I'm sorry for all this show stuff, but I saw my onions and carrots lying there,still in good condition,so I decided they must have one more show left in them.

I trawled the net and the only show I could find reasonably near to me was Newton-le-willows show which happens to be where quite a few of my relatives are from.

Trouble is it is 65 miles away !!!

Anyway I blasted down the M6 at a good 30mph thanks to the traffic and put 4 entries in.


I put a few other entries in but put all my eggs in one basket with the top tray which had my 3 best onions which have had nothing but 1st prizes and likewise the carrots,2, 1st places,although they are looking a bit past their best and I managed to cobble together 6 tomatoes which are reasonable and only look small because the onions and carrots are so huge.

So it's another 130 mile round trip tomorrow to see how i've done and even if I can possibly win best veg in show after disappointingly being narrowly beaten by a set of dodgy leaved leeks at my local small show.

I took the photo to show that when I left the display that nothing was outside the designated 24x18" black get disqualified if anything is outside the anally retentive is that ?

Anyway here's hoping.

Sept 12th.

Well, another 130 mile round trip to see if I'd  managed to win anything.


When I got there there were hundreds of exhibits and loads of top trays as well.


The biggest marrows I'd ever seen,both over 80lbs !!


Well,as hoped I won 1st with the top tray and the 3 big onions,2nd with 3 carrots and 4 veg,but they kept secret the winner of the best veg in show until prize giving.I've never seen that done before so I spent an hour seeing if I could spot any better exhibits and saw a pair of huge perfect cabbages that I thought would be a challenge.


Anyway at 4.30 I found out I'd won best Veg in Show,Wahey !!! I've got a shiney little Medal : and was just beaten to best in whole show by some flowers,pink ones at that.

This is only the second time I've ever won this prize so I was well chuffed.

So overall,would I travel down and up the M6 at rush hour on Friday and then on Saturday just to put 4 classes into a show again ?  Would I heck,that motorway is absolutely ridiculous.

Right ,that's it.No more ego massaging show stuff this year.

Back to the boring stuff from now on.


Well,with my 2 weeks of fleeting sucess at the shows over It's back to the dull stuff from now on.


The 4th lot of lettuce I sowed a while back are coming along slowly as are the spring onions and beetroot.

I may just manage some baby beet,small onions and lettuce in another 2-3 weeks if the weather stays reasonable ,but to be honest anything out of the garden in October will be a bonus.


My Shirley tomatoes are finally starting to ripen up in abundance and are pretty enormous and the Gardeners Delight cherry toms just don't seem to know when to stop.

They have been the most productive toms I've ever grown this year so I'll definatelty be growing them again next year.


All my peppers have now turned red which is a first for me as I usually struggle to get a single one to do this,but this year I did sow them earlier than normal so they've had a longer growing period.

The crazy chilli plants are just getting the odd one going red,they are a proper mental plant.


Outside I still haven't cut any of the red cabbages yet but they are just about ready.

I've still got loads of the Autumn Giant carrots which are good as you can just leave them in the ground and lift them as required and they don't come to much harm.

And at last !! my cucumber is producing loads of fruit now albeit about 2 months late and the courgette bush in the polytunnel is still pumping out numerous fruit too.


Over in the polytunnel the climbing french beans have finally given up the ghost after producing more beans than I've been able to eat for a good 10 weeks.

The normal onions,and shallots are now fully dried out and will need tidying up and storing shortly.


And over on the giant onion attempt, I finally managed 9lb 1oz so not the ten pounder I was hoping for but not a bad one anyhow.


That's it for this week folks.........

Thanks a lot for looking.



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