September 2011





September 4th.

Today was my local Horticultural Show.

Biggest turnout of entries and quality stuff for as long as most people could remember.

So anyway here's the Ego massaging bit,my results.


1st and 2nd in the Stump carrots,1st in the 4 onions from sets dressed,although I feel I didn't deserve 1st in the 4 as I think my fellow allotment neighbour had better ones.


1st in the white spuds and best spuds in class for the 3 kestrel,small but perfect.


1st and 2nd for the long carrots but only 2nd in the 2 dressed onions.


1st for the long parsnips and 1st and best in Bean Classes for 6 french beans.

I must give a certain Smithyveg some thanks for these because once I followed his bean straightening technique they really did look beautiful.


1st in the 2 onions as grown plus best in Class and 1st in a tray of 3 veg.

So Overall out of 30 entries I managed to get 13 firsts,8 seconds and 2 thirds.

4 Cups,Most points in Veg classes,most Points in Local Section,Most points in Onion & Shallot classes and finally a new cup this year for most points in Carrot and Parsnips for which I recieved an engraved Glass Beer Tankard to keep.......forever.....wahey !!!!!

So overall a brilliant result for me today and I'm well chuffed !


Cheers !

September 10th.

Not much to post this week other than I've got two more shows next week,Westmorland Show and the biggie,the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show NVS Veg Show and NEHS Show.

Bit out of my depth there but I'll post a load of pictures and any miraculous results that happen.

In the mean time here are a few videos of me harvesting some of my show carrots and parsnips and tonights amazing crop of 9lb of spuds from just one 30 litre pot.


September 16th.

Well,what a week.

On Monday night I entered my veg into the classes for the Westmorland Horticultural Show.

I decided to just enter the collection classes this year as Harrogate was later in the week.


I was happy to win the Top Tray class even though my carrots were a bit rough and the spuds a little small.


I also just managed to win the collection of 4 veg for the 1st time by the slimmest of margins...half a point.


I also managed to win an interesting class of one big onion,one onion under 250g and a shallot.

So overall,only entering half a dozen classes I was really chuffed to get 3 firsts,a cup and a medal.

Now all thoughts turned to the NVS Northern Branch Champs and the North of England Vegetable Championships.


Well,entering a few classes into Harrogate this year was to say the least, a monumental step up in class for me.

I always thought I could grow reasonable onions around the 3 pound mark and It's been my aim for the last few years to actually enter a set.

This year they were the best I've ever grown so I decided to have a crack.


So on Thursday night I got there early and staged them before anyone else.

This class doesn't usually get many entries due to the difficulty in matching up 5 but this year I found out that 14 had entered,expecting the usual 4 or 5 I drove home feeling I had no chance.


When I arrived today I had a look across at the huge entries of onions and saw the red ticket on someone elses and some other coloured ones on another two and thought I'd got nothing,then I saw a light coloured card near mine and honestly thought it was a N.A.S card or something.

When I actually found out it was a second place card i was absolutely over the moon.

Most shows the prize cards are all bright colours but not the NVS.


So,I'm absolutely chuffed to bits at that one.


I also entered the Tap Root collection and was reassured when i was only one point away from a fourth place card as I know I can grow better long carrots in future and I only grew 6 parsnips all year.

My set is to the right of the 1st prize set,so It's not a million miles away.


I also entered the National Carrot Championship which requires a set of 3 stumps plus a set of 3 long carrots,I thought my entry would look stupid  but It didn't and I came 9th and beat a handfull of people and was just 2 places away from the prizes.

Also the Stump class,I came nowhere but I seem to have the size but I need to grow 'em a bit straighter and find a set that match up better.

So overall the Onion 2nd was absolutely fantastic for me but to find out that I'm not a million miles away in the root veg stuff is encouraging given that most of the winners grow theirs under cover in polytunnels and I just grow mine outside without any protection.


Another part of the show is hosted by the North of England Horticultural Society so I decided to put my mental chilli plant in.

And bugger me It came first.

 I can now call myself the Chilli King of Northern England...Wahey !!!

So overall this show season has been the best ever for me and to step up a level and win,come second and not be too far away in some other classes has given me some more ideas for next year.

I'm proper chuffed.

P.S we did have a competition amongst us fellow veg bloggers in which we would all enter into the 6 vegetable class.

The less said about that the better, and incidently I came 3rd and we collectively came 8th,9th & 10th !



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