September 2013




September 14th.

Bit of a belated update.

I've been too busy with work and Veg Showing the last 3 weeks so not been able to update.

Here's a video of a final plot tour and the unveiling of the giant Marrow on Sept 8th.

I apologise in advance for the following Show reports and the blatant ego trip.

My local Show was the first of the 3 and I did really well getting 15 red cards and best in show with my stump carrots.


These were grown using the simple technique I now adopt and an idiot proof soil mixture straight outa the bag.


So really chuffed with the results of my local show.

The next show was last Tuesday at Kendal, a step up in class and I just entered 8 exhibits as Harrogate and the National Show was the following Thursday.


After 13 years of showing here I finally managed to win best in Show with my Top Tray.

Again the carrots being a good part of it but the Onions which looked to be a disaster 10 weeks ago remarkably came good.

So absolutely over the moon with this result.

And finally This Weekend, The National Vegetable Show at Harrogate.

I only entered 2 exhibits in the National Show which were 5 Stump Carrots and 6 exhibition onions.


So this is what you're up against at National level, 40 entries of quality.

And Bugger me this is what happened !


I got 3rd at the National. that's like a Bronze medal at the Vegetable Olympics.

So absolutely mid blown at that result.

But for me the Onions were more of a miracle.


To get 5th place in the National Onion Champs given that they all went to seed back in June, and it was only my pig headedness to just see if they'd still grow bigger instead of just binning the lot.

They did amazingly, and then to go through the process of drilling out the seed stalk so the neck may dry properly and thinking they'd all rot.

They didn't amazingly.

So to me this is a Nil Desperandum moment, when all looks to be crap just  try something totally off the wall and it may just work.

And it did amazingly.

So that's all the Shows done for this year and it's been my best year by far, mainly due to the carrots which you can grow so easily using my method in the show veg bit, it's simple and no tricks whatsoever.

Here's a video of all the Exhibits at Harrogate.

Click to play, Cheers.

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