October 2009.




Oct 2nd

Wow !! September turned out to be the best month of the year,It's not rained here for an entire month.


Started to pull a few leeks,although they're not giant as I only planted them 6" apart,I do have around 100 to go at.

At last after 2 years of failure on the Squash front I finally grew one,again not massive but I've got a few more growing.


The crazy Gardeners Delight cherry toms are going even more beserk.

I picked about 7lbs off just 3 plants in the polytunnel the other day.

I've just been giving them away to everyone. 


So with this indian summer we're having I'm still picking loads of stuff even this far north in October !! 

Oct 10th.

Amazingly I've just started picking what is now my 5th sowing of lettuce this year.

I only sowed it in September and didn't really expect anything but due to the warm waether over the last 6 weeks  there are some small ones ready.


Spent an afternoon stripping all the shrivelled leaves off the Onions,Garlic and Shallots now that they are well dried in readyness for storage.

And the crazy chilli plant is now producing loads of red and red hot fruit.


The red cabbage which were pretty rubbish earlier on are now about ready and the leeks,although small are doing OK.


The Autumn King carrots are absolutely enormous,I thought they'd be woody but honestly they are really sweet and tender.

This one weighed almost a pound and a half.


The strawberries I tried to take some runners from have all taken as you can see by the roots coming through the bottom of the pot,so now it's safe to sever the plant from its mother.

So thats another 12 strawberry plants for next year absolutely free.


I was caught in a massive downpour but did manage to get a couple of pics of a Rainbow over the plot.


I never did find the pot of gold though.


That's it for this week folks.........

Thanks a lot for looking

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