October 2013




October 5th.

Bit of a belated update.

Here's a bit of a late September Plot tour vid to start off with plus my new Weasel family.


So, Into October now and things are coming to an end.


Started to dig over the plot where nothing's growing and add plenty of rotted horse muck, compost and the spent compost I grew my potatoes in.


My Early Purple Sprouting Brocolli is massive, I think I sowed it a bit early, but if it stands over Winter I should get a great crop come early February.

I have tied the stems to canes for a bit of support.

I sowed a few late turnips and they're coming along slowly, so at least I'll have a bit of stuff to harvest late in the season.


I went back to the old favourite of Musselburgh Leeks this year after a few years of disappointing results with some less hardy ones, and I've already harvested a few and they should be good to pull for the next few months.


At home the chillies are all ripe now, even the Habaneros which were really slow to get going.

The Joes Long ones are over a foot long and a pretty amazing sight.

Did a video earlier on how I grow my chillies, click below to play.



In the polytunnel I sowed some late lettuce, cabbage and beans a while ago and planted them where the show onions had been.

The lettuce are great and have just harvested the first one, the beans are just starting to produce but the Cabbages have been attacked by Butterflies and have loads of catterpillars on them.

It's been a nightmare with Brassicas this year and it continues inside.


Elsewhere in the tunnel the 3 winter squash are ripening up well and my Banana Shallots and Garlic has all dried out sufficiently for it to be taken home and stored.


Managed to find a supply of 2 year old well rotted strawy Horse Muck at a local Riding School so I've filled the van up a couple of times and have dug plenty into the soil.

I also emptied my own garden compost out and added that to the soil too.

Did a quick video explaining my idiot proof way of making it in a giant plant pot.

Click below to play.



Today was just a Winter digging day, adding loads of muck and compost and getting the plot cleared for Winter.

Again I did a video below.


I did a few more videos of various stuff like How I produce my own Onion Seed, The amazing Sarpo Mira blight resistant potato harvest and finally What to do with a Glut of veg.

All below, Click to play, Cheers.

Feel free to ask a question or comment in the comments box below.





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