October 2010




October 1st.

Well,Autumns really arrived now.


Starting to harvest the Autumnal veg like these turnips and of course the leeks.


Got some giant red cabbage this year whose heads must be over 10 pounds and finally after 2 years of disappointment I have a single solitary butternut squash.wahey !!


Over in the tunnel nothing much is growing other than the parsley which is still flying along and the tomatoes.

Never had tomatoes in October before up here.


Haven't got a clue about sweetcorn so I might just cut one off and see whats inside.

Topped and tailed all the garlic now for storage.


Still plenty of potatoes to dig up,I'm lucky as Im pretty much slug free I can leave them in the ground.

Oct 10th.

Sorry,but nothing really happening at the moment.


Now that the polytunnel is finished it's about time to dig some good old horse shit in.


Got some proper stuff about 2 years old full of worms so I'll put a good 3" layer on top.


Then using the good old rotavator and being gassed out in the process I mixed it in.

I really nearly passed out due to the fumes.....stupid arse !!


Then It's just a matter of flooding the beds with water to get rid of any old fertilizer and salts.

I did manage to pick a few veg this week including this red cabbage.

10 lbs of pickled Cabbage anyone ?


That's everything that's gone on this week folks,thanks a lot for taking a look.

I'll do my best to keep the weekly updates coming,thanks.


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