November 2009.




Nov 1st.

Wow !!. Into November now and still the mild weather continues,and still no frost.


Still got plenty of cabbages and carrots growing but amazingly I'm still picking lettuce at this time of the year.


I'm not that happy with the leeks though,the length of the stem is pretty disappointing,next year I'm going to try a different variety to Mussleburgh for a change.


Over in the polytunnel the chillies are all red now and extremely HOT !! and finally after months of continual production the courgette plants are just about giving up.


Managed to produce a few small squash this year,I don't think they appreciate the added heat of a greenhouse though..

And the final few tomatoes have been picked.

So overall,considering we're now into November I'm pretty astonished at what I'm still managing to get from the plot.

If this is Global Warming or whatever they are calling it these days then bring it on !!

November 8th.

Well,not much to report.

Still continuing to pick some lettuce,all the tomatoes have finished and the courgettes too.


Over on the leek front though, I am not happy !!

Not only are they pretty stumpy specemins but now a few have started to bolt as well.


Although they look pretty they just mess up the leek and you're left with a solid core in the centre.

I'll pull all the bolters up and salvage what I can from them as soon as I see any more flower stems.

Next year I'm going to try a variety called "Longbow" which apparently has really long shafts and is fully Winter hardy.We'll have to wait and see if it's an improvement.

Nov 16th.

Well,had the 1st frosts of the year this week which has finished off all the lettuce outside.

I've also had an unwelcome guest/s on the plot which has been gnawing at my carrots.


Strangeley though it has only attacked 2 and left all the rest untouched.

But to be on the safe side I've pulled the few remaining carrots up and set a few traps about the place to try to catch Mr Rattus Rattus !!!.


All the " reject " show onions are now well dried off and I've brought them home to store.

I have about 30 of them and they are all around the 3lb mark so we'll not be short of onions this winter.

The overwintering Japanese onion sets I planted have finally started to sprout too.


And the Red Cabbages are really good considering how feeble they looked earlier in the season.

Not a bad size either.


That's it for this week folks.........

Thanks a lot for looking.

The Big Cheese - Cat Repeller



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