November 2011




November 1st.

Well,Into November but I'm still harvesting a few bits and bobs on a regular basis.


Got loads of Leeks and they're a really good size,the second batch of Hispi Cabbage are still holding,the Kale has just been never ending and the worlds slowest Spring Onions are coming a plenty now.

One depressing thing is that I picked my final Tomato of the year,so it's back to the rancid supermarket ones from now on.


Started to dig over all the empty beds and add a little lime,I do this every year but just a sprinkling of about 2oz/sq yd.

And the remaining growing winter hardy crops.


The mini polytunnel cloches I made earlier are really making the Garlic motor along.

I still have a load of carrots to pick which were my extra exhibition stump carrots that never got used at any shows,but as they are in well drained soil they don't split and you can just pull them when needed.


The sprout plants I planted out a bit too late might just produce some sprouts after all and they do look to have a few tiny ones forming.


I gave the polytunnel a thorough cleaning both inside and out as the polythene was really dirty and algae covered.

It took for ever to do but the difference in the light levels was remarkable,just shows how much light all the grubbyness keeps out.


And I carved out a pumpkin for Halloween,shame I didn't grow it myself.

Anyway I did a bit of a slideshow of all my photos of the year below.

Click to play.

Nov 17th.

Well,not much going on in the garden but I did manage to video a spectacular display of a Murmuration of Starlings near to me.

Please click to play.....It's something pretty special.




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