May 2013




May 1st.

May is finally here and things may be starting to warm up ?


The salad seedlings are starting to grow a little now in the odd bit of Sunshine and should be ready to go out in a week or 10 days.

The Beetroot are about ready to go out now as I don't want them to become rootbound.

And finally the early spuds in pots are about 9" tall and will need a bit of topping up with more compost.


The Hurst Greenshaft peas are starting to poke through now but I must admit I did use some old seed and the germination rate has been a bit thin,so I got some fresh seed and sowed some more in the gaps.

My shallots are still growing really slowly but I do have the 150+ ones from seed growing away in the tunnel to plant out later in the month.


My poppies and Iris are only just starting to grow as is the Weeping Willow,a good month later than last year.


I sowed all the tender stuff like Courgettes,cucumbers,squash,beans etc on Sunday and all are now germinating after just 3 days in the heated propagator.

Hopefully these will all go into the polytunnel in a week or so.

Did a couple more videos in the last week or so,click below to play.


May 11th.

Well,the weather's gone back to Autumnal with gales and rain up here but still managed to get some gardening done in between the showers.


The climbing French beans "Cobra are now planted out in the polytunnel, just 5 of them 6" apart but this will provide a good 15lb+ of beans.

I also planted out the module grown Beetroot "Bolthardy"

Did a video of the process below.

The potatoes in the tunnel are now racing away and once the flowers appear I'll have a quick root about to see if there are any spuds worth harvesting.


I planted out 3 short rows of lettuce during the week so I've now just got the cabbage,kale and broccoli left in modules inside.

Did another video below.

The purple sprouting broccoli has produced absolutely loads of spears even after I thought it was finished.


The onion sets "Setton" and "Red Baron" are finally away and growing but have had a bit of a battering in the wind.


I've planted out 2 rows of the Shallots from seed "Banana" as they had a decent set of roots on the small plants,so there's about 70 in the bed now.

Tomatoes planted out in the greenhouse into large 30 litre pots last week.

They seem to be doing fine even with some cool nights.

Did yet another video of the shallot planting below.....

Finally on the show onion front.


They are doing really well so far with the leaves getting to around 3 feet in length.

Anyway,finally I did a final video of a whole tour of the plot below.

Click to play.


May 19th.

I decided to re use my neglected greenhouse this year so I gave it a bit of a spruce up.


I've decided to fill it with all manner of different plants.

3 different tomatoes.

A gherkin , crystal apple cucumber , marketmore cuc , Courgette , dwarf bush butternut squash and 4 different climbing squash.

It'll be interesting to see how they all do.


Judging by the huge amount of flowers on all my fruit bushes this year we should be in for a glut.

Last year was poor but as is usual a glut follows a poor season.

My Musselburgh leeks are not what they appear , well one pot anyway which has magically transformed itself into spring onion seedlings.

Don't know how I managed that ?


Planted all the Kale, Cabbages and Broccoli out into the beds this week all under various netted butterfly protection.

First Cabbage White Butterfly spotted today so glad I did so.

Did a video of the planting process below,click to play.


The first early potatoes in pots in the tunnel are racing along now and are starting to form flowers.

I'll wait for the flowers to open and then wait another week and by then I should have a few new potatoes to harvest.


I potted up and put all my chillies and peppers in the greenhouse today.

Prarie Fire , Habanero and Joe's Long Chillies , and a few Capsicum called Gourmet which are an orange variety that did well last year for me.

My tomatoes are doing well also in their huge pots.

For anyone confused about tomato terminology like Cordon , Determinate , Indeterminate Varieties etc and what to do with each I did a video hopefully trying to explain what it means.

Click below to play,Cheers.

May 25th.

At last some Sunshine !!!!

No photos this week but I did another fortnightly video update below.

Click to play,Cheers.


I've got a YouTube channel full of various vids here : AllotmentDiaryYoutube

And I've got myself a Facebook Page click the link if you're interested,Cheers.


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