May 2011




May 1st. 

After what was the driest,hottest,sunniest April on record May seems to be turning out the same way,here's a quick 60 sec slideshow of a few of the plants at the end of April.

With the total lack of rain my stuff is not really growing much at all.


As I'm rationing what little water I have for the polytunnel things in there are really flying along in there.


The potatoes have already been earthed up and should be about ready in 2-3 weeks,ant the parsley is racing along in pots.

All the tender stuff is now sown,Cucumbers,french beans,butternut squash and corriander,so hopefully they should be ready to go outside in 2-3 weeks.

On my current theme of making Videos I did a couple showing how easy it is to make natural liquid fertilizers out of Nettles and Sheep Muck.


See above,cheers..

May 7th.

Well,yet more amazingly hot weather and the promised downpours haven't materialised....yet.


The brassicas and lettuce/rocket are still growing slowly with the lack of rain but I suppose this has kept the slugs and snails off them and they're now big enough to cope with a bit of nibbling.


The leeks in the deep polystyrene box are flying along and will be ready for planting out soon.

Peas are about 6" tall and are now starting to cling to the chicken wire support I erected.


I still have a few strawberry plants in potts which didn't succumb to last Winters harsh frosts and these are starting to flower which is always a welcome sight.

Sowed a few Butternut Squashes last week and these are all through now,I'm going to plant these in enormous grow bags outside later in the form of 75 litre bags of compost as I've not had particularly good results growing them in the tunnel over the last few years.


In the Tunnel I planted out the climbing beans "Cobra" as daft as it seems I'm only growing 4 plants as the last few years I've grown 6 and even this small amount have provided way too many beans for us to eat,almost a carrier bag full a week,so 4 will be more than enough.

And I've only planted one courgette for the same reason.

Trying to make 20plus courgettes a week interesting to eat was pretty impossible so only one plant this year.


As you can see the spuds in the tunnel are going mad,I had a scrat about and there are a few tiny spuds so a couple of weeks and they should be ready for pulling a few.

Outside in the big 35 L pots as you can see I've kept topping up with compost as they've grown and now reached the top of the pots,so It'll be interesting to see how many I get from each one.

I'm aiming for at least 5 lb from each one.


I've sown a few peanuts this year for sheer novelty value.

I remember growing some as a kid and actually extracting half a dozen monkey nuts from a tiny pot so I'm upscaling it this time.


Finally got the peppers and chillies planted out into big 10 litre pots.

Started to remove the side shoots from my Tomatoes too just to keep on top of them.

Did a video as usual about Pinching out Sideshoots...see below,cheers.

May 14th.

Well after complaining about drought conditions for 6 weeks It's put about 4" of rain down in the last week.

There's no substitute for a proper watering,no matter how much you water by hand It's never as effective as a good old downpour.

Anyway things are finally starting to grow a bit.


And finally my plot is starting to look a bit better.

Didn't manage any more photos but rushed around in the pouring rain and did a quick video of the progress.

Click below to play...cheers.

May 21st.

Well another week of constant rain and wind.

It's put 4" of rain down this week and the wind's not been below 20mph so I only managed to get one thing done this week which was to finally transplant my Leeks out.

Latest update for May is now in the June'11 section...


That's everything that's gone on this week folks,thanks a lot for taking a look.

I'll do my best to keep the weekly updates coming,thanks.


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