March 2013




March 1st.

Amazingly,we've not had any rain for a good fortnight now and 3 successive days of sunshine.

So the ground has started to dry up nicely and I've been able to keep on tilling the soil and break it down into a finer tilth.


I sowed my Shallots from seed this week as they were fantastic last year.

The variety is Zebrune and a few Banana ones too,although I think that they're the same variety being elongated types.

Did a vid below,click to play.


I also planted a couple of big pots with some Rocket in the polytunnel to try and get some extra early new potatoes in mid May hopefully.

Did another vid of that too below.Thats about it for this week.

March 9th.

Well,Winter seems to have reared it's ugly,cold head again.

It was sleeting horizontally about an hour ago and the temperature is about to crash again next week.

Great stuff !

Anyway,not much happening outdoors but inside all my shallot seed has germinated and it seems to be about 100% germination rate.


I've put my Habanero chilli seedlings and the Tomatoes under some artificial lights on the window sill,so they get natural daylight but a boost of grow light to stop them from going leggy.

I did it last year and had pretty good results.

The lights are just 30 watt low energy bulbs but have the equivalent of 150w of incandessant bulbs but without any heat.

Anyway I did a few videos with my latest automatic hidden stealth camera around our stream to see what sort of wildlife I could film seceretly.

Videos are below,Click to play.

And a video of a bit of a wander around the plot as it stands.


March 15th.

Still not much happening folks as the weather is absolutely freezing still.

No March heatwave like last year so it doesn't look like we'll get a bloody "Summer" at all this year.

I pricked all my Tomato seedlings out this week,I like to do them early before any "True" leaves form so as to minimise root disturbance.


I pot these into 3"pots.The chillies that germinated a while ago are just not growing as it's so cold,even indoors.

Anyway I did a video of the Tomato transplanting.

Vid below.

Other than that,my Leeks are starting to germinate.


I sow these in deeper containers than seed trays as they develop stronger roots and don't dry out as quickly.

This year I'm using old ice cream tubs from a local Ice Cream seller which are about a foot long but almost 5" deep.

And finally if you want to make a free indoor fine spray watering can, watch my latest thrifty Yorkshireman video.

Honestly they're really handy and dead easy to make.

Vid below,click to play,cheers.

March 23rd.

Apparently we are officially into the season Spring.

This is how my allotment looks as of Saturday.


With the wind making the snow drift,half of my soil is under 4 feet of snow

And given that the night time aren't going to be above freezing until April this is going to take a while to melt.


So still nothing going on outside whatsoever.

Did a quick vid of the snow below,click to play.


So the only things growing are inside,started off some speedy salad leaves which were a success last year and only take around 4 weeks to produce some pickable leaves.


Even in the polytunnel it's been down to -5 at night so I've had to bring my leek and shallot seedlings home which has made them go a bit leggy due to the low light.

So that's about it,pretty dismal stuff.

So bored I decided to make some Homemade Garlic soup from the huge load of garlic I still have left from last year.

Vid below.





I've got a YouTube channel full of various vids here : AllotmentDiaryYoutube

And I've got myself a Facebook Page click the link if you're interested,Cheers.


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